Saturday, December 23, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

We have been getting ready for Christmas....doing a little shopping and some decorations outside. Hailey has been such a good girl when we have taken her out with trying to get things done. On 12/20 we took her to go see Santa. She is such a good baby. Glenne has been giving her a bottle during the middle of the night feedings and letting me sleep. They are bonding even more now.
I will be going back to work the 2nd week in January and Gran (Evelyn) will be watching Hailey. I am looking forward to going back and being around adults but I am also wishing I could stay home and take care of Hailey myself. Unfortunately bills need to be paid and we need a roof over our heads so its back to work for me. (unless of cours I win the lottery.....LOL) That's about it for now. Hope everyone has a great christmas!

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We are a family of three who are still Philadelphians at heart. Hailey is the first to be born in Texas from our family. We love Texas but still count Philly as home we have 2 homes in our hearts. We will always support our first home town teams....Philly teams!!