Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the Pumpkin patch near our house. There was a vibe that was odd in our house today....but we went to the Pumpkin patch anyway. We did have a good time. I took lots of pics and these were the best of the best. The weather was warm with a cool breeze and clouds in the sky. Just as we were thinking about packing it up Hailey said....I just felt a rain drop. We started heading out to the parking lot at that point. We went home (after getting some starbucks that mommy and daddy reallly neeeeded!!!) and carved our "SCARY"pumpkin.

She is sitting on a HUGE bale of hay with iron thingamajigs to look like a spider (sorry could not get a far shot cause she would not sit still)
sitting with the scarecrows....cant see them....but she had to sit with them

she sat down on this bale of hay and said...take my picture!! (NEVER HEAR THAT!!!!)

She saw this and said"its little miss muffit" and proceeded to sing/say the rhyme while standing next to the cutout. I need to get this on video cause she was taught this rhyme is school and knows it by heart. She just starts saying it and I am a bad mommy for not getting it on video yet!! I is coming soon.
Hailey on a turkey hay bale
Friend that she made while waiting for the train
sitting on the different colored pumpkins...they had a really bright orange/red ones and these ones
one of the best smiles...looks at the camera I got today
this was before she realized she could roll the pumpkins across the field....we did a lot of that!!!!!
she was "stuck" in the pumpkins at this point....she could have gotten out....but..well..she is Glenne's daughter and has to do the drama thing!! best we could get from her!
more posing
head in the pumpkin hole....she loved this!!!
head in the witch hole......loved it...just loved putting her in the whole!!

School pictures

Hailey got pictures taken at school this past week. We are not ordering any because we just got family pictures done in august and the cost for such few pictures is crazy. Glenne took these from the proof sheet/order form sent home so they are not good...but you get the idea. They came out better then last years.

Is this what my future holds ....

...with Hailey when she is a teenager?

Hailey was talking to Grandmom on the phone this morning and got up and walked in her room and climbed in her chair and this is what I walked into. She was just chatting away. It was pretty funny.

our jack o lantern

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phillies, Play doh and Phun!!

So....not much going on.....Work....Phillies in the playoffs...and now in the WORLD SERIES!!!

Hailey has been having such a great time at school. We walk into school and she just starts playing most days. We have not even had a day with any crying at school. She loves her teachers. She is doing AWESOME with the potty. Most days she goes dry. She seems to not tell Daddy when she has to go potty though when its just the 2 of them, even though he asks. (I think I ask/just take her and he just asks). We have had a few success of poopy on the potty too. I am not pushing it. Most days she is dry all day. Most mornings she wakes up dry too. I would say we are potty trained, we just still do pull ups. (is that ok to say???)

Hailey has really gotten into play doh lately. They play with it at school a lot and when we go to sunday football at the Matthews House the girls almost always pull the play doh out. One friday recently after picking Hailey up from school (on a no nap day) I needed a distraction or to put her to bed..but the timing was too late for a nap. I pulled out the play doh which we have not done at home for a while. She sat there for a good hour...if not more just playing away. She was having such a good time. For her birthday she has been asking for play doh stuff, princess stuff, she has always liked tinkerbell too. (and her is mom's part...she needs jammies and some winter stuff....pants...long sleeve shirts...she is in 3t now...4t on some things...depending how its made and shrinkage after washing). I like to buy her the pants with the elastic waist band cause in school they encourage them to go potty themselves (with supervision of course)and those pants are easier for her to pull up and down then buttons and zippers.

Hailey really into the play doh....can you see the concentration on her face?
rolling the play doh into a snake

Lets go Phillies Lets go!! Phillies "P"
Me trying to take some self portraits of the 2 of us.....I really like this one of her(so does glenne)
I could not get one of her looking at the camera while I was looking*we both have our Phillies shirts one..they were playing that day*

Here is a video of her from the final game of the ncls series when the Phillies won. Glenne was working late and it was just us girls and I had the game on and we were playing and getting dinner ready. I have no idea why it was so dark. I did not have her do the wing thing with her arms...this is all her. If you think she has a southern accent going...let me know. My mom swears when she is saying lets go phillies she has a southern twang going. I hear her everyday so I do not know.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lets Go Phillies!!

lets go phillies

A video from my Phone of Hailey cheering on the Phillies during game 4 Phillies vs Rockies!

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Helping with Dinner

helping with dinner

Glenne was working late tonight so it was just us girls. We had a hodgepodge for dinner of leftovers and I let her "help" herself. She enjoyed being a big girl.

Saturday night she was watching Caillou and he was making pizza's with his friends. I asked Hailey if she would like to make pizza. She got excited and said, yeah NOW. We did not have anything in for the pizza breadign so we made due with the bread we had in the house and toppings. She loved doing it all herself. I am probably asking for trouble letting her do this...but I guess its better then her trying to do it behind my back and getting hurt.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

trying out mobile blogging for hailey's blog.

my new haircut

back view of my haircut

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my new haircut

My other blog

Just wanted to let you all know about My other blog "a busy mom's recipe blog. I do not know how often I would be updating that but I just wanted to share with you all that one too. I am all about easy recipes,not complicated,etc. If I find a good crockpot recipe I will post that. I love my crockpot and like to share my good recipes!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday with Kenzie at our House

On sunday 9/27 we had Kenzie for a good part of the day while Kandi and Chris enjoyed the tickets they had to the Texans Game. Both girls were so excited to be spending the day with each other...and I think with just one set of parents around too.

Glenne and Hailey were playing "camping" in her tent earlier in the week and they were "roasting" marshmellows. We (Glenne ...with me reluctantly saying ok) decided it would be fun to roast marshmellows. Since Kenzie was coming over we did it that day so that they could both enjoy it. It lasted about 20 min...the outside temps were high and then add a "campfire" (fire in a little smokey) to was HHHOOOOTTT. The girls did very good and enjoyed it. They listened well and did not go close to the fire. The did not like the marshmellows too toasted but did like them a bit warmed.

Glenne getting stuff ready
Kenzie with her first toasted marshmellow

Hailey with her toasted marshmellow

Kenzie's 4th birthday party

On 9/26 we were invited to Kenzie's 4th birthday party. It was at a place called "pump it up". The nice thing about this place is that there was no weight limit for the inflatable slides and others. Jill and Bryan came and they even took time to play too. The big boys (Glenne, Chris and Bryan) all enjoyed it. The pictures tell it all below.....not much more else to write.
Kenzie and her Daddy Chris
Opening presents
Hailey enjoying cake and her juice.
Kenzie waiting for her cake and birthday song

On one of the bounce climb/slide/obstacle course things
climbing up all by herself

being goofy and tired and laying on the floor...she did nap before going..this place wore us all out
Hailey and Daddy playing

Kenzie the birthday girl Action shot of Hailey coming down the big slide

going up the bbbiiggg ladder to the big slide
going up the big got a little steep at the top.
Hailey at the top of the big slide....we did this slide MANY TIMES....Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Jill....she got all of us.......

Its been a while...................

I do not know what we have been doing but life just seems to have gotten busy. Working normal hours and the other normal stuff going on. Hailey is doing good. She is going almost every day with being dry all day and telling whoever she is with that day that she has to go potty. The weather here has been a bit crazy and we have had cool weather and then all this week we have had 90 some deg temps with the humidity feeling like its close to 100 or higher. My allergies have been bad, Hailey's allergies have been bad. I am hoping that "cool" front that is coming in this weekend stays put till spring time.

The fall shows have started and that means a lot of our favorite shows are back again. We are reality tv junkies so we are watching Survivor and Amazing Race. We watched Big Brother and we were so glad that Jordan won!!! We are also watching The Biggest Loser. We also have our favorite shows...Csi and Csi NY, Criminal Minds, Medium, Numbers. We are watching some new shows but are not sure if we will continue with them yet...Mercy, Three Rivers, Flashforward.

Of course we are watching Football!! We watch the in Houston and them being our other favorite team....and when we can we do our best to catch the Eagles. The Texans are not doing as good as we would like them to be doing, and apparently this week a few of the players on the Texans have come down with the swine flu. As far as our Fantasy leagues.....I am 3-1-0 in our one league(with our friends) and 1-3-0 in our other league( league). Glenne is 0-4-0 in his work league, 1-3-0 in our nfl league, and 2-2-0 in our league with our friends. I am still hopefull for a good season for our teams....regular and fantasy teams!

Any opinions on the swine flu vaccine???? I know Hailey is eligible because of her age but I am a little apprehensive about her getting it on the first round. Texas got almost 100,000 less of the swine flu vaccine then they were expected to get and its just the nasal vaccine that we are getting right now. Hailey did get the regulaar flu shot, We had the option of the Nasal version or the needle. I opted for the needle since Hailey freaks out when we try to use the saline solution when she has a stuffy nose. She did so well with the shot, she did not even cry when she got the shot. I was very proud of her!!!

I have been very proud of her a lot lately. She has been doing so well with the potty. She has even gone Poopy on the potty. WE make a very big deal when she does that one!! I think we did good with not pushing her to potty train and letting her get it on her own. She has been doing very well in school. She looks forward to going to school and when we walk in and she just starts playing. I love that I have to track her down to say goodbye and give her a hug and a kiss. She seems to eat her lunch every day. Napping on the other hand...I am not sure. If you ask Hailey she says she naps but you can tell she did not get either any sleep or not enough sleep. The teachers say that she naps most days....but how long of a nap and if its a real nap..who knows. There are 10 kids including her in her class. 3 started later then the rest. 2 of the newest ones are still adjusting and their poor parents have tears and screams every day. I remember those days....and I am SSSOOO glad we do not have that to deal with anymore. She is so proud when she comes home with a project from school. She has to show me right away and it has to go on the fridge.

I have some pics I need to do on a different post from Kenzie's 4th birthday party. It was a fun party. We are planning on having a Pirate birthday party . We want to have it at a room we can rent, and not a party place. We want to do pin the tail on the parrot, a treasure hunt, face painting,cake,etc. We are wanting to go old school and different from what the norm is. It being a little over a month away I really need to find a place......or it might wind up being here with all my furniture or Hailey's big stuff put away so we have room.....SSSIIGGHH.

I think that is it for now...........Off to post some recent pics. I promise I will do my best to keep updating more often.

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