Monday, May 31, 2010

First bad "first"

Today we went to Palm Beach, Hailey met a friend and they played great. She was walking with a bucket of sand to get some water and bumped into her friend. When that happened she stepped on a bee at the edge of the pool. She started crying hysterically and walking to me. I thought she just hurt herself when her and her friend banged into each other. Glenne saw the bee and said that is what he thought happened. I scooped her up and ran into the pool to clean her off from the sand all over her and see the damage. I saw the stinger in the bottom of her foot and pulled it out. She was upset for a bit. There were some families nearby that came over with first aid kits and sting kill pads for us to use for her. It was a traumatic time for her..and Mommy and Daddy too.

We have to get the sting kill pads but now have a first aid kit to keep with our beach bag.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunday at Palm Beach

Last sunday (5/23) we went to Palm Beach @ Moody Gardens for the first time this season. It was a fun day and Hailey had a great time. She takes her playing in the sand very seriously.

Going into the water to fill up her watering cans

Pouring it out.....she takes this all very seriously

We stopped at the Beach to collect some shells. So far our Beaches have no evidence of tar balls from the oild spill. Who knows how long that will last.

Checking out sea stars at the aquarium at Moody Gardens
Watching the fish and Sharks

In the shark cage

Every time we go to the aquarium Hailey stares at this eel forever.

Rock Fish

some kind of dragon fish

In Hailey's words....Nemo!
Waiting for the Happy Feet 4d movie
She was so wiped out she fell asleep in the car...amazing thing to happen!!!

She really enjoyed the aquarium this time, she could have spent hours checking out all the fish. I am sure we will be doing that again and again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Been awhile since an update....

In the begining of april my shift changed to not likeable at all hours of 11-8pm. We are all still adjusting and no one really likes it. I am thankful I have a job at least. Hailey took swimming lessons for 4 saturdays in april and the last class was may 1st. She was so excited that she got a certificate for the lessons.

Glenne is finishing up his spring season at work and will be done for the summer as of the first weekend in june. Hailey's last day of school is on May 28th and she is very excited that she will be starting preschool next school year. The last 2 days of school Hailey's class will be having a pizza party and going to the library and having story hour also. They have been working on special tshirts to wear to the outing all month long. She really loves school and her friends.

She went to her friend Bella's birthday party last weekend and a few other kids from class were there so she really had a great time. After the party our neighborhood was having a Spring Fling. I was on my lunch when they got home so we all walked over and Hailey played in the moon bounce they had and had 2 pony rides.

Mother's day was very nice, we all (the 3 of us, Meme, Granddad, Uncle Aaron and Dawn)went to Aaron's house then we all went out to breakfast at a local place near him. Later after we left there we stopped at Chuck E Cheese and it was empty so we practically had the place to ourselves. After that we stopped at the store, went home and Hailey and I did a craft project. We made a treasure box with shells and pictures of the beach/water that she picked out. She did most of the gluing herself, she loved that. Glenne made guacamole for me and we all had a snack after our craft. Hailey then took a nap and later for dinner he made Fettucini Alfredo with Grilled steak.

We are trying to get down to the beach especially before this oil spill hits the Texas Gulf coast. Its very scary that all that oil is out there and there is so much wildlife that is going to be destroyed by this. I almost want to buy up the shrimp that is on sale right now cause I know its pre oil spill. Glenne eats the shrimp...not me.

We have a busy summer ahead of us. In June we are heading to Disney with Grandmom and Poppop for 5 days and Hailey (and the rest of us) cannot wait!! Be prepared for many posts from that trip. After the we get back from Disney Hailey will be taking some more swimming lessons at the Y. She loved going this time compared to the last time we took her when she was a little younger. In July we are going to be in philly/strathmere from July 16th to 23rd. We will spend a couple days with the Levy's and then head down to Strathmere and enjoy a real beach. We plan to do some crabbing and just enjoy the beach like I remember as a kid. With the oil spill in the Gulf we are really starting to feel like this might be the only beach time we get this summer. I am sure the rest of the summer we will hit the pool or Palm Beach in Moody Gardens.

That is about all that we have going on. I will check out what pictures I have and will post some too.

Will try to post more often :)

Little dare devil

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FWD:Some pics from last swim lesson

Some pics from last swim lesson

Hailey says thank you for the hat and poo pin. She put them on right away this morning.

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