Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disney*Epcot and The Fairies* I am slacking and its taking me a while to get this all up. I stopped doing day by day pictures. I am sorry :( Besides seeing the Princesses one of the only other things Hailey wanted to do was see the Fairies. She loved seeing all the characters and got into getting autographs from them.

The day we went to see the Fairies the wait was about an hour. Hailey and Mommy, Grandmom and Grandpop all went to get a quick bite to eat while Daddy waited in line pretending we went to the Potty. We ate real quick then got back with about 15 mins to spare. While waiting in line I asked the Fairy Greeter (the person who took you in) what fairies were inside. She said Tinkerbell was in there but they other 2 fairies change out periodically so she could not say who the other 2 are. As we were waiting in line they taught us how to fly like fairies cause we have to fly into the room. Hailey loves Tinkerbell...but her other favorite is Silvermist. It was finally our turn to fly in to see the fairies and what a great surprise it was to find Hailey's other favorite fairy Silvermist was there along with fairy Rosetta.

Hailey and Rosetta

Hailey and Tinkerbell (she gave all the characters the biggest hugs)

Hailey and Silvermist

One day we went to Epcot and they had a Character spot there. Hailey had seen all the characters but still insisted on seeing them all. Her one autograph book has about 3 of the same signatures. She was ssoo into it.
Hailey and Goofy
Hailey and Donald.....she really liked Donald!
Hailey and Minnie. She gave her such a big hug she made Minnie's nose wiggle. Minnie is grandpop's girlfriend.
Hailey and Pluto...she was not too sure of his wiskers.
Hailey and the man..Mickey!!!
This is the spot where we saw them all
Inside the Bruce the Shark's mouth from Finding Nemo
On the Finding Nemo Ride in Epcot
Nemo ride....the jellyfish part..this was really cool....the picture does not even come close to how it looks
more nemo ride

Italy in looking fountainthe sunsetting on the ball/spaceship earth at Epcot

Disney World day 3*character breakfast and animal kingdom*

On Tues we had a Character Breakfast at the Cape May Cafe @ the Beach Club resort (i think). After Chef Mickey Hailey was a pro and had her autograph book ready as soon as she saw a character. The night before she picked out her Pirate Princess mouse ears hat and had to wear it. Hailey is all about....I do it myself....lately so of course she had to go up to the buffet to pick out her own food. We knew it would happen one day.....Where did my baby go :( After our breakfast we decided to hit Animal kingdom while it was still early in the day. It must have been the hottest day cause even before noon we were all dying. That happened to be the last day we were able to hit the pool since every afternoon from there on was down pour showers and thunder storms.

Hailey and Donald being Pirates!

Hailey and Goofy
Daddy and Goofy....same ears! Daddy got a Pirate headband with Goofy ears
Hailey, Goofy and Daddy
Grandpop and his Girlfriend Minnie....Hailey knew after the first day that she was his girlfriend and every time she saw a Minnie (doll,toy,pic, whatever) she said..there is Grandpop's girlfriend
What a great picture of Grandpop,Minnie and Hailey
oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh....i'm telling Grandmom...oh wait, she was there.
Besides the Princesses (those will come in a entirely longer seperate post) she loved to hug Minnie.
Another great picture of the 3 of them
Hailey, Mommy and Daddy on the train before the self portrait
it was a hhhooootttt day!
Rafiki statue.....we were going to walk thru his animal spot but it was so hot...and we went thinking we were going to see characters and it looked like more animals then characters and she was not going for that. ......ttttooooo hhhhoooottt
some huts along our train ride...we did the ride more for the air...and Hailey likes trains. She asked what the trains name was. Since it was red she was calling it James from Thomas the Train.
All of us..Mommy, Daddy, Grandmom, Grandpop, and Hailey on the Safari

Hippos...they knew how to keep cool
more hippos
Giraffe' and a babybaby giraffe
Elephants playing in and around the water....cute baby elephant

White Rhino's


cool waterfall
our safari carvan in front of us
We wanted to take Hailey on the Kali River rapids ride but she was not tall enough for it. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney World *2nd night*

On our 2nd night in Disney we went to Chef Mickey Resturant and after Dinner we went to the Magic Kingdom for the Electric Parade. Dinner was great, I don't think you can get a bad meal in Disney. Hailey LOVED dinner at Chef Mickey cause it was a character dinner and she got to get autographs and pictures with the characters there.

One of the Floats during the parade
It say "to honor america" and the back of the float is the eagle
Pete's Dragon
Snow White
The Dwarfs
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
The clock striking midnight for Cinderella
The Evil step sisters of Cinderella and the Prince with the glass slipper
Cinderella in her Carriage

Tinker Bell
At the Chef Mickey character dinner Hailey at first was not sure about getting the autographs and pictures. After one time with the first character she really got into it.

Grandmom, Hailey, Mickey and Mommy
Hailey, Mickey and Mommy
Hailey, Donald, and Mommy

Hailey, Minnie,and Daddy

Hailey, Goofy and Mommy

She looks unsure in this picture but she really was into it.

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