Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bouncin Bears fun

Hailey had a playdate at our new favorite place Bouncin Bears. We met her friend Brooklyn and her brother Trey. They all had a great time and I got this pic when they were having a snack.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night time walk

taking a night time walk...she has the life

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hailey's new pets

hailey's new pets....6 little fish

Since these pictures we have lost 5 of the 6 fish, we replaced them with 3 more fish and a frog. The frog and one of the fish are no longer with us. We are down to 3 fish. We hope that it was just cause the tank may have had too many occupants.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mommy's birthday weekend in Galveston

For my Birthday we went down to Galveston and stayed overnight. We did our usual and hit Palm Beach @ Moody Gardens. We met my friend Shannon and her daughter Ashley down there too (and Shannon's friend Bob). We got there later then normal so we did not get our normal front row of the big pool spot. We found one down on the lower level right in front of the little pool. It had 3 waterfalls and the water was deep in the middle but not too deep where Hailey was still able to stand on her own. Her and Ashley were walking back and forth across the pool. After we left Palm beach we checked into our hotel, got cleaned up and went to have an early dinner. We ate at a resturant called Mario's (on the seawall..since there are 2 of the same name in Galveston). We had a great meal and great service. We were seated by a window looking out on the beach and the gulf. Glenne asked the waitress to sing to me (for Hailey) too. After dinner we walked around the strand area of Galveston. We woke up sunday and went to the beach then to see the butterfly exhibit at moody gardens, then rode the big paddle wheel boat.

Hailey buried in the sand....Hailey, Ashley, another little girl they were playign with all got buried at one point. Then the girls tired to bury Bob in the sand.

Hailey playing in the pizza dough at the resturant. She really enjoyed this and it kept her occupied too :)

My birthday dessert....strawberry shortcake. We got Hailey a cannoli but she liked mine better so I ate her canoli
whip cream mouth
This was in the Strand shows where the water line came up when Hurricane Ike hit.
Hailey surfing sunday morning

Glenne calls this the "baywatch" shot
The butterflies in the butterlfy exhibit at moody gardens.

chrystalis waiting to hatch
Hailey the caterpillar in the butterfly maze
in a butterfly coccoon
climbing a spider web

On the Conoel Paddlewheel boat
checking out the fish swimming almost to the top of the water next to the boat

Dancing on the dance floor
trying to imitate this little girl doing ballet
passed out on the way home

Mommy's Birthday

Hailey kept telling me the day before my birthday that her and Daddy had a surprise and she could not tell me. On the day of my birthday we were getting up early heading down to Galveston to go to Palm Beach then stay overnight and have dinner on the island and wake up early and go to the beach. When I woke up that morning Glenne got up and woke Hailey up and I was told to take my time. Hailey came in and got me and I came out to this.

Here is the cake that she picked out for me.
My presents.....I got the Dan Brown "the lost symbol" book. From Meme and Grandad I got 2 shirts and money for myself. Thank you!!

Helping me blow out the candles

Philly/Jersey shore visit 7/16 -7/24 (part 1)

We went up to Philly to visit family and take Hailey to the Jersey shore (Strathmere) from 7/16/10 to 7/24/10. We flew in and stayed a couple days with Poppy G and Mom Mom Terry, then we went down to the shore from sun to fri, spend the last 2 days with Poppy G and Mom Mom Terry again. Hailey was really looking forward to this visit seeing all of her family.

Swimming in Poppy G's pool. She did not want to get out for anything. We had to pull her out to eat an potty.
Daddy skimming the pool of stuff
Poppy G cleaning the pool

We got down to the shore late afternoon on sunday so we went to the beach but did not really get into the beach like normally would. We did not have our bathing suits unpacked at this point. The next morning we woke up and it was overcast but we hit the beach anyway. Hailey and Kayla were buds at this point and had no trouble playing. (when we got there the afternoon before they were both playing a little shy).
They found this big whole that someone else must have dug the previous day and they started to dig some more.
The beach had a little "pool" area and then a sandbar then the ocean. It was great for all the little kids to play in without any worries of the waves knocking them down.
Daddy buried Hailey in a big sand whole.....
Hunter, Connor and Aunt Lisa came down for the day on monday to visit us and they had a great time playing on the beach and with all the big kids too. Here are the 3 of them having a snack on the beach.
Strathmere is not that big of a town...2 blocks wide and maybe 8-10 blocks long. They built a park and we took some of the kids there at one point. Emily decided to sit in the baby swing and Hailey wanted to push her.

The kids playing "store" at the park. I think they may have been making cakes.
Baby James.....such a cutie and he sure takes a great picture and is always willing to give a smile.
Walking back from the park. We looked like a summer camp group.
Taylor and her brother James. He just adores her...and she him.
such a great smile he has....Hailey just loved hanging with all her cousins at the beach.
Playing in the sand with Kayla and her other cousin Luke who was down for the day with his mom.
Hanging out with all her cousins......this seemed to be the gathering room for them since Grandpop claimed the front room (bigger tv) as the adult tv. He did let them watch tv in there too...but if he got it first...well...Grandpop's rules.

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