Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some recent pics

Here are some recent pics.

Been a long time!!

Wow...its been a while since I have updated Hailey's blog. She is one active little girl. She got her first tooth on Aug 8th,2007. She is pulling up and moving around the furniture. She stands and plays constantly. She will actually crawl when she is really determined to get something, if not then she just puts her head and shoulders on the floor and pushes along with her feet.

She had her 9 mos check up and she is doing great. She is 19lbs (just about) and 28inches long. She showed off for the dr by jumping up and down, babbling and holding her bottle all by herself.

In july we went to Philly and had Hailey baptized. It was great to see everyone while we were up there and we were so happy with th amount of people we had come help us celebrate her baptisim. Hailey got to meet her newest cousin Kayla and even taught her a new sound while we were visiting.

Hailey has started saying more definite word like sounds too. She is on the bababa's and has started doing the dada sound. She says some others but its hard to describe what exactly it sounds like she is saying!

I think that may be it for now. I will post some pics too.

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