Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool looking Moon and Sky

We were coming home from the pool sunday night, after getting kicked out cause it was thundering. We stopped my Meme and Granddad's after that. When we got home it was after 9 and the sky was looking pretty cool from the sun going down and a storm trying to come. You could also see the moon in the sky before the sun was down.

At the zoo with Daddy

On Tuesday of this week Hailey and Daddy took a trip to the zoo. In the children's zoo they have the typical petting zoo, and other kids things. They also have a water area where kids can play.

Checking out the Sea lions before leaving the zoo. She has to check them out when she gets there and before she leaves.

In front of the Giraffe's

Glenne said she was really into this elephant statue and kept playing on it.

After the zoo and her nap she stayed overnight at Meme and Granddad's since she was going to the Children's museum with Meme today. Glenne and I took advantage and went to the movies last night. She has had a full summer so far.
She is talking so much lately too. She is starting to get better at saying things in a sentences too. Her teachers will be getting a whole new kid when they see her again in september.

Wordless Wednesday......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rod Stewart concert!!


Rod Stewart came to Houston. I did not expect to go to the concert. Tickets were way more then I would even DREAM about spending. Glenne is addicted to craigslist, we are also selling baby stuff of Hailey's on craigslist too. Glenne saw someone post an ad for 4 tickets for covered reserved seating for way less then the ticket cost. The pavillion is like that place in camden for you philly people,covered seating then lawn seating for the rest. The plan was to sit in the seats and take pics then find someone with lawn seats and trade. Well...the seats were great.....Hailey was excited to see ROD!! She kept asking, "where is rod?" Of course we took pictures. He can still put on such a show. He still can move,still kick those soccer balls around and can still sing just as well as he did in the begining. The HAIR still just sticks up when he puts his hands thru it!!! LOVE ROD!!!!! If we were closer I would have been making Glenne battle for a soccer ball for Hailey. The tour was "the hits" but he did not sing my favorite song of his of all time. "do you think I'm sexy?" I have not heard him sing that since the first time I saw him in concert probably 10 yrs ago. We planned on taking Hailey cause we figured her first concert this would be a good one. Of course we have pictures!

Hailey and Mommy waiting.................

The opening act "the kin" from australia
Hailey and Daddy.not sure what they were checking out......but love the looks on the faces!
Setting up the stage.....................................
Self Familly Portrait!
Hailey wondering where Rod is...........
They had this cool techno/tron thing video going of "rod-a-mator" ..kinda like terminator...talking about his hits thru the years,etc. great start to a concert.

Rod...................need I say more!
Hailey and Mommy
this was the encore performance.....he came out and sang "wake up maggie i think i got something to say to you..its late september and i really should be back at school......"

Hailey and Mommy dancing....we were dancing a bit more but at this point we slowed down. *yes she has a lolipop...but we brushed very well when we got home** we brush every night**
The great people behind us that just LOVED Hailey offered to take a pic of the 3 of us. Glenne was sitting on the back of the chair in the row in front of us so that is why he looks so much lower.

We had great people all around us. We had 2 women who were trying to teach Hailey the peace sign at one point. There was a couple directly behind us that just loved her and were trying to teach her sway her arms in the air. The couple next to them..not behind us....were watching Hailey and thought she was having such a great time and loved the fact that her first concert was Rod Stewart! As we were walking and walking out of the concert so many people stopped us and just said hi to Hailey. She got a pin that blinks colors on the way out from an older couple. EVERYONE loved that her first concert was Rod Stewart. I have loved ROD since I was little, I do not know if it was before 5yrs old but I know of stories growing up of me singing "if you want my body and you think i'm sexy come on sugar tell me so, if you really need me just reach out and touch me.." I am going to be 36 yr old on 7/31 and I saw ROD...just 1 wk shy of that birthday....almost 31yrs..probably more of being a fan!!! I just wish that we could have gotten one of those soccer balls that he kicked out. I just love being able to see him perform. He was awesome as usual!!!

I have lots of other pics.......I will save those!

Friday at Moody Gardens

This past friday we went down to Moody Gardens Palm Beach early. We got there and we practically had the place to ourselves. We have had a few nights of bad thunderstorms so I think Galveston got one the night before cause it looked a bit messy. We were going to stay for a few hours then go. Hailey being Hailey goes poopy at the most inopportune times. About 45 mins before we were planning on starting to leave she goes. As we realize Glenne asks Hailey if she wants to see the penguins at the aquarium. Of course she is all for it. So we go and we get changed and go to the aquarium. This time she was not extremely tired where she actually stopped and checked things out, bad thing...the battery on the camera died while we were still at palm beach.

**non hailey subject* There was a little boy (looked maybe 2 or just a little older then 2 there with his mom and someone else along with I'm guessing almost 1 yr old little sister), he had a suit on with the vest inside it. Glenne and I both noticed him wandering into the water all by himself, but did not notice anyone keeping an eye out on him. He swims out to the middle where the umbrella water fall is goes under and swims back before one of these 2 women he is with comes to the edge of the water to check on him. It took at least 5 mins or more for him to do that!! No one that was responsible for him was keeping an eye out. There are lifeguards there..but that does not mean that you can not keep an eye on your child. I noticed a few times that he would almost roll where his face would be under water. It bothered us both but did not have the gumption to say anything. I would have run if he was in trouble to save him though!! At one point we saw him with an adult and heard him talking and he did not talk as well as Hailey. He still used a pacifier too. Glenne thought he was at least Hailey's age or older. He was cutie too!! Hailey was really confused by what he had in his mouth when she saw him with his pacifier ...she does not know what they are since she never used one. It just really upset us seeing that little boy with no attention. I just had to write about that**

Now back to the regulary scheduled Hailey programing.........Picture time!

Building a tower..Hailey's version of a castle for the Princess
Watching everyone swimming
Checking things out.............
She lined all these buckets up herself, came over and told me that they were heavy. I asked if she need help. I was told "no stay there, Hailey fill up" and she picked up her watering cans and filled them up. She is just too smart that girl of mine!
Working hard playing.....action shot I said...the camera battery died. These last 2 shots were at the aquarium from my cell phone. I did not get any of the sharks but I will next time with the real camera. They had sharks, big fish,baracuda, and a big sea turtle. Here is the picture of the sea turtle swimming above us and swimming away.
seat turtle swimming away........
sea turtle swimming above us

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....almost

Peek a boo..........
Rolling on the floor with Mommy....(sorry for the poor quality..was taken with cell)
Hanging with Elmo and Zoe........

this wordless wednesday is a few hours early.............

Mommy's new glasses

I went for a check up for my eyes. I have noticed some trouble now and then seeing the computer screen. I have a slight need for a perscription for far sightedness. The Dr said I did not have to get them, but it would not hurt or make me need them sooner. She said that I will eventually have to wear them. I decided to get them since I am on the computer all day working.

Here are my new glasses

Hailey's new ride

Hailey got a new ride. Glenne found this battery operated car on craigslist. It is a cinderella car and even has a working radio. Hailey is not good at all with the steering but I think with practice she will get better. She really loves her new car. She crashed into a neighbors car and one of our cars too. I say was more of a small bump. :) At one point she was telling the car....go that way car. She did not get the steering thing....we will work on it.

Loving the music in her car.
Driving and to work on looking forward and steering......

Here is a short video of her driving her car.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creepy Thunderstorm Clouds

This afternoon/early evening we had some bad thunderstorms come through. We were on our way to Kroger and we were both thinking the same thing and Glenne grabbed the camera from Hailey's bag and hopped out and took these pictures. The clouds looked like creepy fingers reaching down to the ground and you could actually see them moving. It was cool and creepy at the same time.

Riding the Steamer Engine trains

We went to ride the Steamer Engine trains at a park not far from us. They are like minature trains and they take you on this half mile ride. All the kids waiting were so excited to ride the trains. Hailey was very patient while waiting in line for her turn. We heard about these trains when Hailey was playing on the swings at the drive in. She is really getting into trains so we figured she would enjoy this, and she did.

Waiting in line......She is actually keeping her hair up more and the pig tails just look adorable!

Finally....our turn!!

I do not know what she was doing...I think she was trying to figure out where to put her hands.
Daddy and Hailey.....of course she does not cooperate looking at the camera! LOL

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