Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Texan Days at school

This week (thurs and Fri) was Go Texan Days at school and they had a chuck wagon lunch both days of hot dogs and roasted marshmellow. Hailey made herself a vest and hat in school also.

Showing off her vest and hat to Daddy
One of her Cowgirl outfits that she wore
Hailey and Trent (she does not stop talking about Trent) They walked out of school holding each others hands. It was really cute
2nd cowgirl outfit she wore to school.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm a Texas Star

Here is a video of Hailey sing a song she learned in School called I'm a texas star. She is also dressed for the first day of Go Texan day at school. She has it thurs 2/25 and fri 2/26. I will post pictures of her in both outfits over the weekend.

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day we had such beautiful weather!! We took advantage and went for a walk around the neighborhood after having breakfast with Meme and Granddad.

Hailey is really into picking out her own outfits and dressing herself too now. Some days I let her wear what she picks out...other days (especially school days) I try to lean her towards what matches and goes with the temperature outside.

Hailey and Daddy went to Build a Bear and made me a Bunny name Rabbity and also made a Dog for Meme name Hailey Jr.

Riding her bike in the kitchen

Visiting the neighbors on another street. This neighbor is on the Safety Committe with Glenne so we stopped to talk and Hailey loved playing with their dog.
Pulling the wagon "all by herself" which is what we hear alot lately
Cleaning up the rabbit at Build a Bear.

Friday, February 12, 2010

hailey piced out her clothes herself

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sesame Street Live 2010

On Superbowl sunday we had a busy day. We got very lucky and Hailey slept till 915am!!! We woke up, got breakfast, came home and hung out for a little bit then left for THE BIG CONCERT!! Hailey was so excited to be going to see the Elmo concert. She could not wait to see Elmo and Abby. This is Hailey's 3rd time going to Sesame Street Live and its really a great show. The music is good and the theme of the show is different everytime. This year it was 1-2-3 Imagination where we imagine different places and things. Last years theme was Elmo's Green thumb where he was looking for a place to plant his sunflower he grew. The year before that was putting on a pagent about what you wanted to be when you grew up(well the characters).

Checking out the Cd and shirt she got.
Standing in front of the cast sign
Do I need to give an explanation...had to take a picture
The stage
All the characters got a postcard and they all Imagined being there
Ernie was a captain on a boat
Octupus under the sea with the Count
Up dancing....they were doing the Hula
I just love this one....she was having a blast.
Surfin' Safari
Had to take a picture of all the Elmo balloons they sell at intermission...for $10 A PIECE!!! As soon as they give the cut off they have to leave the front of the stage.....all the parents waiting in line follow to get this expensive balloon that will be delated in 2 days.
Time for a drink.....Hard work dancing at a Concert
Watching the concert
Elmo's World....everyone loves this one!


The last skit is always about Big Bird....His is always last and very special. It was a Mardi Gras time parade. It was kinda fitting with the Saints playing in the Superbowl later on that afternoon( and winning!!).
Daddy and his Girl!
Another picture......

After the show Hailey was told that she had to nap in the car on the way home or we would not be going to Kenzie's house. She did wind up sleeping for 30/40 mins in the car. We went to Kandi and Chris' house and had fajita's and good fun with friends. Hailey and Kenzie always have a good time together and we have fun with Kandi and Chris and Bryan. Jill unfortunately was not there but she was missed. All of us hang on sundays during football season and its fitting that we watch the Superbowl together to end the season. We were all rooting for the Saints (for the most part...BRYAN...was more concerned about his football squares winning). The girls had a good time but as the night went on they got a little crazy...bets started being called on what injury Hailey would get. Kenzie did fall though, and the bets were not on her. Hailey went to bed late and on monday after school was wiped out.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Round Ball

The other night while relaxing with Hailey I stared doing the little game/song Round ball. She was cracking up as I was doing the circle on her hand and all. We had to do it a few times that night and then again tonight we had to do it again. I think she has a will be doing this one for a while. I have to do it to her,then she does it to me and then Daddy has to do it to her and she does it to Daddy.

For those that do not know the song here it goes:

Round Ball, Round Ball (while singing this you make circles in the palm of the persons hand) Pull a little hair (reach up and gently pull hair) One step two step(making stepping motions with your fingers up the persons arm) Tickle under there (tickle under the arm).

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