Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We have a lot of words that Hailey is trying to say now. She is very independent and wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She has gotten 2 molars on the bottom right and left side. The left has finally come all the way thru (i think) and I noticed tonight that the right one is breaking thru pretty good too. She does not have time for naps anymore. We get one nap a day now......we are working on timing as far as when she goes down for that one.

Some words she says :
duck...and of course after that comes quack quack
dog...and of course after that comes ruff ruff
mail (in a wailing tone like on blue's clues)
boo (for blue and boo boo)
mo (for elmo)
make the monkey noise

I am sure I am forgetting some...I did ask Glenne and that is all that we can come up with but feel there is more. She understands a lot that we say to her. She can point out her nose (and has recently discovered that she can put her finger up it...UGH), ears, eyes, hair, mouth, fingers, toes, belly. She can walk backwards. She likes to brush her hair and everyone elses. She uses ANYTHING as a phone and is always yelling for Daddy. If it has a button, she finds it. She has this uncanny hearing so when the refrigerator door opens she is right there climbing in and discoving that part of her world. She is starting to color and really enjoys it. We think her head has a built in helmet cause she is constantly hitting-especially on our headboard- and still is a normal kid. She like to take any rag, napkin, papertowel and clean everything.

Glenne is naming absolutely everything now but its a lot...and all normal stuff. I am giving you guys the highlights, the fun stuff.

We are looking forward to our vacation in july....we cannot wait to see Hailey on the beach and in the ocean.

I have a few more pics I need to post. I will get to it in the next few days....if not tonight.

Stopping to smell the flowers

Our favorite resturant we go to for breakfast has a gazebo on the side field next to their resturant. We will go there and let Hailey walk around, she likes the noise that the wood makes as she stomps her feet on it. She now enjoys smelling flowers so she does that when we are playing in the gazebo. These pics were taken with my cell so if they are not that great that is why!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Updates from the Levy house

Well.......we are busy busy busy. Hailey is walking and getting into EVERYTHING. She is trying to say all kinds of things and climbing everywhere. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. Elmo is still her favorite thing. She loves to sing, and loves for you to sing with her. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone and call daddy. We have a small airport near us so she likes to look at the planes and birds in the sky.

Here she is in her favortie cabinet in the kitchen

She loves to dance, anytime she hears music she is dancing. If she is dancing she wants you to dance with her. She is into imitating you too. Glenne does the "rocker" scream and she tries to do it too. It is so funny!! She makes some funny faces too. I have to get some on camera for you all to see. She says some words and is always studying what you are doing/saying trying to learn new things. She is such a smart baby!!! (not biased at all though am I) hehehe

She loves to be read to, and she also likes to taste the books too. We still go to gymboree once a week. She really enjoys going and loves playing with the kids. She loves to be outside whenever she can convince someone to take her out. She likes to go into the back yard and walk around, growl when she hears the neighbors dogs barking and look at the birds and planes in the sky. We blow bubbles out there and she tries to do it herself but it normally does not happen. Now that she is trying to blow the bubbles herself we dont really get the bubble wand back. It is already in the mid 70's to low 80's down here so she is already in summer clothes most days. The allergy season is bad down here right now so we are hoping that she does not get allergies like her mommy has.

I think that is about it. Here are a few more pics........Enjoy....till next time :-)

These are just too cute of her sleeping with her Lovey Lamb from her aunt Deb...she MUST have him to sleep at night. its too cute

another sleeping with Lovey Lamb

Just looking cute

Daddy says this one is her looking like a future Aggie (Mommy thinks she will be a future Longhorn!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing with her Elmo basket after getting dressed

Playing with her Elmo basket!

Easter morning

Here is Hailey's Easter basket. As you can see the little hand was trying to get it from the table before we could even give it to her.

Pulling the goodies out of the basket

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are some pictures from the easter egg hunt we took Hailey too. She was more interested in picking the grass then the eggs. She got maybe 5 eggs and by the time we got a few feet the kids had the field cleared!

Eating a cookie waiting for it to start

Still waiting :-)

Trying to hug a little boy next to us while waiting to get the eggs.

Picking up the eggs

Pointing to a bird in the sky (her favorite thing to do...point to birds and airplanes in the sky!)

Waiting in line for a bag of treats

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