Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big girl bed

Hailey got a big girl bed this past thursday! She sleeps in a reg bed for naps at home in our bed and at grandmoms. We got her new princess bedding and a princess bed that is twin size so it will last her a long time. She absolutely LOVES her new bed.

The first night when I was making her bed she took the new blanket and her pillow and laid them on the floor of her bedroom door way...closed her eyes and pretented to snore. It was so funny. Glenne was putting together the bed rails to keep her from rolling off together so we did not have a camera handy to video it.

I need to take some better pics of her room, but we need to do some rearranging of the wall decorations..when we get that done i will post better pics. Here are some inital ones of the bed itself.

This one she just looks cute......did not have the regular camera handy so these are from the cell phone.

We are doing some rearranging around the house so when we get it all done and reorganzied i will post some real pics for you all!


Here is a video of Hailey and I in her room. I was reading a new favorite book to her and she was singing along with me. The video is from Glenne's cell phone so its not the greatest.


18mos check up

Hailey had her 18 mos check up on 5/28. She did great at her appt besides screaming bloody murder when she got her shots. She weighs 25lbs and is 31in tall. She is in the 25th percentile for her height (not surprising with how short her parents are!) and she is in the 75th percentile for her weight. She gave the dr a hard time when she was trying to see her teeth. She is doing great health wise and she is on track developmentally too. We got to answer yes to all the developmental questions they ask!!

We go back at her 2 yr check up. They did say that potty training is best to start at 2yr or later cause she doesn not know the feeling of when she has to go yet.

She is babbling up a storm now. She is saying a lot more stuff, sometimes we dont know what but its a work in progress. She is home with daddy this summer and they are taking swimming lessons the end of june and the 1st week in july. We are going on vacation on july 12th and grandmom and grandpop are coming to texas and going with us. She is really getting quite an imagination now. She is starting to play by herself a lot more and she loves to be read to. She is playing with her toy phone alot and sits there and says "elllooo" and then proceeds to babble like she is talking to someone. Its too cute. She has a little doodle etch a skecth thing on her one toy and is starting to play with that a lot more too. We got her some blocks and she is staring to play and stack those too.

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