Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeding the ducks

We did not really have any plans today so we decided to go feed the ducks, always a fun thing for Hailey to do. It is still quite cold today but she did not seem to be bothered by it. We also explored some of the airport where we go to feed the ducks. There is what we call " the airplane graveyard" and got out of the car and checked out the planes. We also go to see some of planes taking off too.

This is one of the ducks that always comes up demanding to get the bread....mouth is always open.

more feeding of the ducks......
Here she is trying to blow down Daddy.
was able to get one of the planes taking off ......
Navy plane going down the runway
checking out the graveyard........
love this....she is not posing, just got lucky as she was turning around
We found a plane door that was open....and we probably were not allowed to do what we did....but....we opened up the plane door and let her go in. She thought it was awesome and said she was flyin the plane. When we asked her where she said Philadelphia(its the one place that she has flown to the most too and family is there).

Inside the planeStanding up inside the plane

After we feed the ducks and checked out the planes we went to the library. We read a few books and picked a few out to check out and take home.

Safari School at the zoo

This past saturday (1/30) we went to the zoo for Safari School. Its just a one hour program they have wehre you go and learn about a particular animal then meet the zookeeper for that animal. The one we got to go to was all about the Red Panda. We played with some puzzles then our class started. Our teacher, Kate, told us all about the red panda and where he comes from, what he eats and even got to feel his fur. We then got then got to do a craft where we made a red panda faceout of heart shaped paper cut outs.

*You may notice a Flat Stanley in some of the pictures (Flat Andrew as Hailey is calling him), we are taking care of flat stanley for Hailey's cousin Andrew. We have him for a couple weeks and then will send him back. *

Hailey and her teacher Kate
Checking out the red panda

doing some puzzles
We were going to walk around the zoo after the class but it was so cold that day. We had a beautiful warm week and thursday night a cold front came in. It did not get above 45 all day saturday and it was windy. We were all bundled up but did not feel it was worth it walking around in that freezing cold.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Glenne's Birthday Dinner

On Glenne's Birthday after we got home from Galveston we took a nap then went to the Power House for steak. After dinner we had dessert. Since Glenne is diabetec he did not have cake but Meme made sugar free pudding for him and Hailey,Meme and Grandad had cake. MOmmy is on a diet!!

Daddy had help blowing out the candles

Weekend in Galveston...Sunday

This is where our weekend ends....we are all always sad to leave the beach. Hailey whines how she does not want to leave and Glenne and I dream how we really need, want to live that close to the beach so the we can just wake up on our family sundays and head to the beach and be there in less then 10 mins. back to reality. It was our last day. Hailey wakes up and sees the the sun is up...we get dressed, go and enjoy our free breakfast. Today we had the texas waffles...along with cereal and all. We ate breakfast, packed up, then headed to the beach. After the beach we went back to the hotel and washed up, changed and headed home.

Just a view of the hotel room. It was very nice...especially for the price. It was the Baymont Inn behind the Golden corral in Galveston. Nice flat screen tv in the room (reception not that great..but we were not in the room enough to bother with it). We even had a balcony.
Hailey in bed...listening...watching Scooby Doo (not something she normally gets to NickJr or Sprout)
Hailey and Mommy Building our sand Castles
Look at the intensity of the building
More building of the sand castles...with the water in front of us........we are a beach family
Daddy with his feet in the FREEZING water
The girls playing in the sand.......Galveston seawall in the background...Rainforest Cafe too

Yes....we got to fly our Kite again....We almost lost it this day cause the wind tried taking it.
Hailey...just like her Daddy....Had to get her feet in the water...NO MATTER HOW COLD IT WAS TO HER!!
YES!! MOMMY'S SAND CASTLE STANDS!! I normally build it and Hailey knocks it down. I guess I am getting to the point where she is getting into building her own. I made Glenne take a picture of my castle since its the first that was left standing.
Hailey's Castle that she did all by herself...well..with a litt help...but not till the end.
Stay tuned for pictures from the birthday dinner at Meme and Granddad's house

Weekend in Galveston...Sat...Colenol Paddle Wheel Boat

Yes....still Saturday....too many for one post...sorry :/

The first 2 are out of order....again...sorry. :/

After the Aquarium and Imax 3d movie it was time for the Colonel Paddle Wheel boat ride. This day was not what we were expecting. We left the hotel with enough warm clothing for all of us so we were good. In between the aquarium and the boat ride we did go and get lunch. Hailey had her favorite....peanut butter and jelly sandwich and macaroni and cheese. Ask Hailey at any given time what she wants to eat and it will be either one of those 2 things.

Sat night after her bath......she is such a cutie.
All day when we were on the seawall (various points ...our hotel was on the seawall) the waves were looking like this. The picture does not do it justice..they were looking rough all day and there was fog all day long.
View from the "Colonel". This was before we went out on our ride.
I LOVE this picture. Hailey never seems to smile nice or look at the camera so this is a great picture since at least one of the people in the picture is looking at the camera and smiling.
The girls looking out the window.....we came inside the boat to get warm
Hailey dancing with some new friends. I got a few videos but I have to check them out to make sure they are worth posting.
We were heading back to the dock....a view of the Pyramids of Moody Gardens. Backs of the girls heads!
This was the best of the few that were was very windy.
the pyramids are is the rainforest (under renovations right now), one is the aquarium and one is the discovery pyramid.
One of the playgrounds at Moody Gardens....yes..when you have a find the playgrounds!!
ok.....just one more post from our weekend...sorry if its a bore...but we really had a great time and took a lot of pictures of Hailey!!

Weekend in Galveston....Sat..Moody Gardens

On Saturday we woke up and knew it was a chance of rain but the weather man said just in the morning then the sun would burn the fog off and it would be sunny. BOY WAS HE WRONG!!! We woke up and went down to enjoy our free continental breakfast. Not bad of a selection..4 varieties of cereal, muffins, bagels, cinnamon raisin bread,danish, toast, oatmeal, and waffles in the shape of texas you could make yourself. Plus juices, coffee and tea. Hailey loved the breakfast but too many varieties made for her to not eat as well..but we were on a vacation/adventure so we did not fuss too much.

We decided that since it was so foggy and chilly out we would head over to Moody Gardens and check out what time the imax shows and the Colonel Paddlewheel boat ride were. We also were going to check out if the Sea turtle tour place on the island was still active. We headed over to Moody Gardens, found out the times and got tickets to "Wild Ocean: where Africa meets the Sea" 3 D Imax. We had some time to kill so we went in to the aquarium. Hailey loves it there. She immediatley runs to the Penguins and then screams to see the Sharks.

This guy was floating right up to the glass and just watching us. Glenne said he was saying to everyone else"hey here come the humans again lets see what they are gonna do." The water level is right about Hailey's height, maybe a little lower so she is right there with them.
The penguins hanging out
Same guy again....he was just hanging....he had these feathers on the side that looked like really long eyebrows.
The carribean reef area....where the sharks are. Love this picture with the shark and sea turtle just swimming around
love the sea turtles.........
This was some kind of eel. I can't remember the name. Hailey was fascinated by this thing. she sat there for a good 5 min or more watching this eel. He kept opening and closing its mouth and she would yell at it to not eat the other fish. She even remembered it later on that day when we saw it again.
Another view of the eel....sorry for the pics being so dark but if the flash was on that is all you would see with the aquarium glass
The shark cage they had there...she made this face on her own

Hailey and Mommy in the shark cage
As we were leaving we saw this cage with the divers taking the sea turtle...Glenne took the picture of their butts. Don't know why they were taking him away. He was not there later on in the day.
Here is that eel again. This is a room where its on the other side..the darker end where you can get a better look of the shark,etc.
We passed these cut outs going to see our movie and Hailey had to get her pictures taken in them
Here is the 3 D glasses

Hailey and Mommy in the cut outs
Hailey and Daddy in the cut outs
next up....the Colonel Paddle Wheel Boat ride...and some saturday shots

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