Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 yr check up

Today was Hailey's 2 yr check up. (YES I KNOW...HOW MEAN ON HER BDAY! BUT....SHE DID NOT GET SHOTS!) We saw a new nurse practicioner and she was so nice, we really liked her and so did Hailey. Hailey weighs 28lbs (68th percentile) and is 34 1/2 inches (70th percentile). She is doing good all around. We were able to answer yes to all the growth and development questions which is always a good thing. She was full of energy and did not stop moving the whole time we were at the dr's office. They were impressed with her and just said to keep doing what we are doing. She does need to get routine blood work drawn. Tomorrow since I am off we will get that done. :-(

After the Dr's we took her to Cheese ...and we all know that she loved that. She even had to say BYE to cheese a few times as we were getting into the car.

She got to take mini brownies to school for her birthday and they sang to her. She had extra party bags so she gave them out at school to her classmates. She got a birthday sticker and sign from school too. She is going to think its normal for all this celebrating. At least Christmas is right around the corner.

That is all for now.......

Monday, November 17, 2008

2 yr pictures!

Here are a few pictures that we got done........They came out so great. We got family pictures done too.

More Party Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from the birthday party and her opening her presents at home.

Wearing her tiara (she did not wake up very happy after her nap)

Playing with her new tea set!

Hailey going down the zip line at the end of her Party.....she loved this and wanted to do more more more! LOL

Eating her cupcake!

Singing Happy birthday and getting ready to blow out the candles

Hailey and Kenzie playing on the tire swing

riding the mini rolar coaster

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hailey's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

We had Hailey's 2nd birthday party at J.W. Tumbles this past saturday (11/15/08). It was a great day and all the kids....young and big kids alike had a good time. The elmo cupcakes were enjoyed by the kids. We got some video...but we have to figure out how to edit it. We opened up Hailey's presents after the party since there was not any time due to all the fun we were having so after her nap she opened them up.

Kids playing with the scarfs and bubbles!
Eating our cupcake and ice cream

Hailey and Isabelle (her friend from gymboree) playing in the rocking boat.

rocking in the boat...at gymboree these 2 are like...monkey see monkey do!


The tables set up before the kids had cake!

Today we got family pictures done....YES....ALL 3 OF US!!! They turned out great, most of you family members will be getting pictures for Christmas. I may post a few just to give you all a peak!!
Thanks for looking!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hailey enjoyed Halloween this year! She was saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" without any prompting by the time Her and Kenzie got to the 3rd house. Kenzie started doing the same as soon as she heard Hailey saying it. We went to see Aunt Jill and Uncle Bryan first then when Kenzie, Aunt Kandi and Uncle Chris got there we went walking around their neighborhood for a little while. The girls were a hit, everyone thought they were adorable!! (of course!!) Hailey would not give up her trick or treat bucket no matter how heavy it got and she begrudingly gave in towards the end to let daddy put her on his shoulders. After trick or treating with Kenzie (maybe an hour...they walk slow) we stopped by MeMe and Granddad's. MeMe had a special trick or treat bag for her. Granddad walked her over to the neighbor's house and she got some treats from the neighbors and another special trick or treat back from MeMe's friends/neighbors Italo and Maria (they are from New York and Giants fans.....BOO BOOO BOOO). We left there and came home and she went fast asleep when we laid her down. Mama hid the candy she does not need and left out the other goodies...books,toys and teddy grahams.

I have some pictures I am waiting on from Jill and Ev.....I will have to post those when I get them.

Here we are at the end of the night in the car

Outside Meme and Granddad's door

Hailey and Kenzie trick or treating

We saw another little girl about Hailey's age dressed as Elmo so of course we had to get a picture of Elmo and Abby!!

Here we at Aunt Jill's house.....Hailey was checking out one of the many fish tanks they have.

Isn't she an adorable Abby Cadabby!

We are leaving the house in the beginning of the night. There was an airplane going by..had to watch it...of course.

Checking out her trick or treat bag and her wand.

OH YEAH.......for those of you who do not know what she is dressed as..........There is a fairly new character on Sesame Street called Abby Cadabby, she is one of Elmo's best friends (he has a few) and she is a fairy in training. Hailey LOVES Elmo and Abby! she has other fav's...but those are the top 2!
Enjoy the pictures...When I get the others...I will post them!

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