Sunday, September 23, 2007

Standing on her own

Hailey stood on her own ( like 5 seconds) today! She knew she was doing it too. The look on her face was like "hey, i'm standing all by myself....yeah!"

she is also clapping now too...she has been half had open and the other in a fist but she is finally clapping with both hands open.

She is also saying what really sounds like "mom" but with the first "m" off of it. When she wants me she says "om".

I have some pics to upload...nothing special. I will try to get those up in the next few days if not tonight after she goes to bed.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something new when eating

Hailey has started to pretend to give you some of what she is eating then takes it away. You normally would not want what she is eating cause it is covered in drool...but she tries!

She will put her hand out with the cookie(or whatever it is that she is eating/has in her hand) and when you lean forward to take some from her she pulls away and just smiles and laughs.

She is really starting to get humor now. We still just have a crawler and a cruiser along furniture but she is getting more steady on her feet.

We are just trying to figure out what we are going to do for her birthday. We have a few options but nothing definite at this time.

That is all for now!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daddy amusement

Hailey has really started to find her daddy very amusing. He just needs to do something simple and she just cracks up at him. They have such a love for each other. It is great to just watch them.

She has also figured out how to make this snorting type sound (only way I can think to describe it) she makes this sound like she is almost snorting thru her nose. Its very amusing and she thinks that it is great that she figured it out!

I had more to write but as soon as I logged in I completely forgot. If/when I remember I will get back on.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nothing to do with Hailey....just cool!

This is a lizard that somehow got up in the hole of our windchime on our back patio! I just thought it was cool!

And I dont think you can see it...but this is a pic of a rainbow!

climbing under the crib

Last night I was in Hailey's room with her putting away her clothes. She discoverd an empty box under there. I turned away and next thing I know she is under the crib trying to climb on top of the box. She was very proud of herself!

Here she is standing holding onto her crib looking cute....just before crawling under the crib.

Here she is making her move!

Here she is under the crib....SUCCESS!!

And....DEFEAT....Mommy took her out from under the crib!

Waving! and a laughing video

Hailey can wave now! She usually waves after the person turns away or is already gone...but she gets the idea. She is such a smart baby. I am still amazed by how much she studies and picks up on things.

She is really starting to laugh at things that are funny now too, its like she is getting humor. Her funniest thing to laugh at is her daddy. I have a video I am going to try to put on here of her just cracking up at Glenne.

Here is the video!

Not sleeping well!!

Well, it seems Hailey thinks she is an infant again. For about 2 weeks now we have been up every 2-3 hours screaming, the only thing that gets her back to sleep is nursing and rocking with me. Needless to say.....I am rather sleepy!!

We were concerned about it being an ear infection so we took her to the dr's. The ears are perfect. Her top front gums are very swollen, she also said that sometimes babies will not sleep well before the hit a major milestone. It was a relief knowing it was not an ear infection!! We are just being patient and hoping this passes soon!! It is so hard to get upset though when you see that beautiful face...even in the middle of the night. Before we found out that it was teething/milestone issue we did try the "crying it out" thing one night.....let me tell you....Hailey is not one to calm and go back to sleep that way!

She was getting up just once before all this started and that was around 4/5amish. I would really like to get back to that point soon.

She crawls for real!!

Hailey FINALLY crawled for real. Sat night she crawled to Glenne like she has been doing it forever. Now she crawls to the things she is not allowed to get into. Her newest obsession is getting to the dvds and electronics. She is very proud of herself too when she gets to them. I did get a few pics that i will upload of her holding a couple dvds.

When she is playing we build a toy baracade to block her from the tv/electronics/dvd. She is very slick in figuring out how to get thru the baracade and to what she is not supposed to be getting to.

Here is her starting to make her break for it!

Here she is to the promised land of dvd's she is not supposed to be in! *hehe*

We do not have the real "gate" up yet, we just have to get it set up so she can still play with all her toys! (and boy does she have a lot of them!!)

If we are both home one of us usually sits on the floor with her and tries to keep the baracades in you can see in this pic!

And these ones she just looks cute!

She is becoming more vocal with the bababa's, gagaga's, dadada's and some other sounds that I'm not sure what they are or how to spell them out. She has not quite gotten the mamama's out yet. I know its coming. She is very good and coughing to get her daddy's attention when he is engrosed in his fantasy football stuff! Of course she gets a big smile out of him once he looks at her! She already has him wrapped around her little finger.

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