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South Padre Island...part 7....Pirate Cruise**lots of pics ahead**

We took Hailey on a pirate cruise while we were on vacation. She is really into to pirates. She has seen it on different shows she watches. She likes pirates and loves to say "aaarrrrr". the pictures are prior and on the pirate cruise.

This is Hailey ready for the cruise..I am getting my shoes on.

The girls..............*pirate code..equal everyone on the cruise got a pirate mustache*equal share is big with pirates..same was for the waterguns.
isn't he adorable..mustache and all
engrossed in the story queen ruby the pirate is telling.....(she still asks about Ruby a week after being home) Ruby was Hailey's favorite pirate.
Hailey's first sword fight...GIRLS RULE!!
Princess Penelope,Pirate Amber and Hailey and I.....this was after Hailey dethroned Queen Ruby after she shot her from the water gun. partial costume
Hailey in full costume

The pirate ship

the girls........

Queen Ruby...Hailey's favorite pirate
pirate..he likes shiny


Shooting Daddy with a water gun........................

"shooting" at the other pirates
waiting to yell....."aaarrrrrrhhhh"""

taking the pirate code......................

Swabbing the deck.........
Hailey...stealing the loot she found
the pirate Levy Family

isn't she just the cutest??
getting her pirate Ruby!!
listening to the pirate way.......................

Hailey....after she shot "queen ruby" with a water gun and started a sword fight
After her first sword fight....
Hailey and her favorite...."Queen Ruby"

Listening to the treasure story
turning in our collected "booty" on our treasure

Hailey playing hot"crab" instead of hot potatoe

Hailey and Ruby......oh wait....and MOmmy

the sword fight between Hailey and Queen Ruby (her favorite pirate)

Hailey and "Queen Ruby" had a connection. In our house when we go and get Hailey from her room we always ask her what she dreamed about. Normally its..mommy, daddy, cailou, dragon tales, mickey, little bill,elmo,etc.
Since our Pirate cruise......Almost everyday we have gotten where she has dreamed about Ruby and being a pirate. We do not encourate this, she answers this all on her own. She has such an imagination that being the biased parent I am I do not know if I am biased or if she is the smartest girl in the world!!
I do have some more pics...but till then..................thanks for looking

South Padre Island...part 6...Sea Life Center

The same day we did the Sea turtle rescue it rained a little that morning so we decided to go across the bridge to Port Isabel where they have the Sea Life center(which is next to Pirate landing where the pirate ship is). This place had various sea life. They did not have the sea turtles. Hailey discovered "helping" mommy take pictures at this place cause it kept her next to me. This is partly my fault since the day before we went to the end of the island and found a beach that had huge unbroken shells in the water. I will do a post of just Hailey pictures that she "took" and add the picture of the shells too. The Sea Life center is in Pirate's Landing which consists of the Pirate's landing resturant, The pirate ship cruise and the fishing pier. When you pull into this parking lot you do not think its much of anything, but there is a lot there. They have a HUGE pier and there are so many people fishing off of it. We are not even close to attempting fishing with Hailey. I am now wishing that I would have paid more attention when my dad and grandpop were trying to teach me to cast my line out instead of just dropping it over the boat. I do not know if Hailey would ever be able to do fishing, she cannot sit still, I am hoping it is just her age and not her personality. Only time will tell........

Parrots outside at the Pirate's landing........she saw the birds and there are Pirate statue type things where you can put your face in, or stand next to them.....she kept saying to the birds "polly want a cracker"

sea life center....Blue crab...the second time we came by this guy he had his claws raised up, like dont mess with me!

this is a frog fish (i think) he was weird looking
.....sea case you did not know...hehehe

this is a picture of some turtles they had there. It was us and another family there. The little boy from the other family fed the turtle, then the guy let Hailey (with Glenne's help) feed the turtle and that is what this is a picture of...if you look at the top right you see their 2 hands holding the scissors with the shrimp on the end.
this is a HUGE hermit crab eating shrimp the guy just fed him.

this was a lobster he had big antena....he was not a regular lobster..spider lobster??

South Padre Island...part 5....Sea Turtle rescue

They have a Sea Turtle Rescue on the the island. Its a great little place that has been there for a long time. They work very had at making sure that the sea turtles do not get caught and killed by poachers and make sure any new eggs laid stay safe. We missed it but while we were on the island they had some sea turtles that hatched that they were releasing the following morning after our visit. I just did not think that it would be something Hailey would have behaved at. Glenne forgot about it too. The turtles that they were releasing were in south padre were Kemps Ridley which are from texas/mexico area.

Here is a link to the Sea Turtle Rescue and the different sea turtles they have there.

Looking at the baby sea turtles.

It was all out in the open and it was a hot day(odd being in south texas huh...LOL)

Daddy and Hailey checking out one of the different sea turtles. They had various species I just cannot remember the different names.

Poking his head up for a Hello!
Feeding "Crush" from Nemo. (We put the lettuce up to the glass , he would open his mouth to try to eat it then the rescue guy would throw it over for him to eat.) He would come right up to the window to try to eat the lettuce.

another sea turtle....

and some more baby sea turtles......

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