Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hailey in her soccer uniform

Hailey started soccer on 9/25/10. She was so excited to be going. The first day was more of an open house and just did some basic stuff but she had a blast doing it all. Meme and Grandad came to watch cause soccer is Grandad's big Love!! Both Daddy and Grandad were beaming watching Hailey. This coming saturday is her first real day with her own age group since last saturday was mixed. After soccer Grandad was so proud to get Hailey her first soccer ball and shin guards. Here are a few pics of her in her uniform in Grandad's yard before Grandad started showing her some soccer moves.

The back of her uniform..foot on the ball
Front view
Such a cutie!

Look for more pics at soccer.....I will make sure I take more while there.

Some cute words from Hailey's school works

We have lots of artwork already just in the first month of school. There were a few that were really cute. They worked on feelings and helping mom and dad around the house. The first month was just getting adjusted and getting to know each other. Some themes were getting to know feelings, and their bodies. She loves school. Everyday she goes in and gets her name plate and puts it up where it belongs. She does not even give me a hug. I just loved these 2 particular things cause its what she answered that day. Just love her mind!

Since she goes 5 days a week some things are doubles that she brings home. This one was a double but the answers were different.

This is something that is hanging up on the wall outside her classroom. There is a pic of her as a baby and a pic of her from the meet the teacher day. She did the decoration of the face of it.

Here is what she answered for the right side
Here is what she answered for the left side

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pledge of Allegience

Hailey has learned the Pledge of Allegience in school. She does pretty good with it!! The say it everyday and who's ever turn it is to bring in the snack also gets to be line leader and hold the flag, and be circle helper.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of Preschool

Today is Hailey's first day of the school. She was so excited, she has been telling everyone that she is starting Preschool. Last night we picked out her clothes for the morning and she told us what she wanted for lunch. This morning she was up before I even went into her room to get her. After school Meme brought her back here to see me while on my lunch break. She said they read a book about a frog at school. She also has "homework" and has to bring in 3 things that describe her and her presonality. She had to do that right away when she come home.

Playing in her classroom
Standing outside her classroom in front of her "cubby"
Leaving the house this morning...with her New Ariel lunch box.

Random fun and goofiness

Just some random pictures of fun and goofiness. We have had a full and fun summer. Its winding down now, Glenne is back to work and Hailey just started back to school today. (will do a back to school post seperate).

We went to moody gardens one weekend and they were having a celebration because it was the last weekend the rainforest was going to be open till the completed the renovations in may 2011. They had a clown doing face painting so Hailey got a "tattoo" of a Mermaid. She said it was Ariel.
She was so serious and intently watching as he did it.
Oh so serious

One weekend we were home and Hailey had us playing something but we all had to wear these blankets on our heads. She sure has a great imagination.

Nick Jr's Storytime Live

On August 14th we went to Storytime Live. Hailey just loves these shows. We went with Kenzie, Aunt Kandi and Uncle Chris. We unfortunately did not sit together ..poor planning on our part when we got the tickets. The Girls both had a great time and LOVED the show. We all went to lunch after.

After the show Hailey was playing in her room by herself and came out with all the hair clips in her hair. She asked me to take a picture of how beautiful she looked.
At the show..waiting for it to start
Kenzie waiting for the show to start
The girls!!
Sorry for the bad picture, I had to take it fast and did not realize there was a glare.

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