Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hailey and Daddy Playing at Chuck E Cheese

We took Hailey to Chuck E Cheese and her and Glenne played this video game. She seemed to enjoy playing with daddy.

A few updates.....

Not much going on lately. Hailey is still doing the walking and holding onto your hand/fingers...its more like a run. We think she is going to just start running one day and skip the walking/toddling around. She seems perfectly content with just doing that right now.

Hailey is now sleeping through the night. I just was tired and frustrated one night last week(1/15)and she was just hanging out nursing and sleeping and would wake up when I would lay her down and she would wake herself up. She was waking up 2-3 nights a week too. So I let her cry it out and she went to sleep in about 10 mins...woke up once in the middle of the night and went back to sleep in about 10 mins. The next night was less then 10 mins with waking up once, the 3rd night was about 5 mins and woke up once for the same amount of time, 4th night less then 5 mins and once for the same amount of time. 5th night she did not cry at all when I put her down for the night and she slept through the night. We have had full nights sleep since! I also cut out all nursing except for the bedtime nursing. We read a book and she nurses and usually is asleep before we are done reading the book "one fish, two fish , red fish, blue fish".

She is so much fun, she is getting such a great personality too. Some pictures do not do her justice or show her personality. Her new thing is climbing in and out of her toy box. Here are a few more pics........

First haircut (well...trim)

Hailey's hair was a bit crazy and out of control(still is a bit with the curl she has going on). The front was geting bad cause it was hitting her we took her to my hairdresser and had her trim and shape it up a little bit. She sat on my lap while her hair was gettting cut. She did very well.

Here are a few pictures from that first in her life.


Christmas was a lot of fun at our house. Hailey really got into the opening presents and wanted to play with each present as she opened it. She was very serious about what she was doing too. By the time we got to grandma and granddad's she opened a few but was not as into it....I think she had enough at that point.

Here are a few pictures for you all to enjoy. We do have some video too but we have to figure out how to work the new video camera grandma and grandad got us and how to upload it if we can.

Hailey enjoying the swing at the park

Here is a video of Hailey enjoying the swings at the park.

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