Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Pics

Hailey with Santa at the mall after soccer.
Hailey with Santa at Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. She really liked him.

Hailey's christmas program pictures

Here are some still pics from the christmas program. This is the 2 classes of preschool 3's performing. That is a lot of 3/4 yr olds!!

Ok, background on the next few pics. At the end after the pre k kids did their songs all the kids sang we wish you a merry christmas. (I did not realize that it was not on video..sorry :( ) Well, Hailey stood where she thought she was in front, then more kids came and stood in front of her. The next few shots show her making her way/pushing/elbowing her way to the front of the crowd of kids. At least it was her friend Skyler and she did not seem to get real upset with Hailey.
making her way a little more to the front
She is up there....everyone is still smiling!
in between her 2 of her favorite friends. Skyler on the left and Brooklyn on the right
After the show Sant was waiting in the open area outside the auditorium and I think she was the first one out. We missed seeing her on his lap, Miss Amber said that she got a good picture of her on his lap though. She was enjoying her cookies and juice after the show here.

Here is the list of songs that they performed.

Videos from Hailey's Christmas Program

Hailey and the rest of the preschool 3's classes singing Christmas Day. Sorry the sound is not too great. (words below)

Christmas day will soon be here and I can hardly wait! Christmas day will soon be here and I can hardly wait! Santa will be coming , soon he will be coming, Christmas day will soon be here and I can hardly wait!

Here they are singing "ring ring ring the bells" (words below)

Ring, ring, ring the bells, Ring them lound and clear, To tell the children everywhere that Christmas time is here.

Here they are singing Jingle Bells....I think everyone knows the words to that one!

Here is the class doing rudolph the red nosed reindeer with their masks that they made.

Sorry that this one is sideways...its the 2nd half of rudolph that got cut off.

I did not get this one on video. Its hard to hear but the hand motions are adorable (below is what she is saying)

When Santa comes down the chimney(sweeps her hands) I should like to peek(hands over eyebrows). But he'll never come, No never, (shaking finger back and forth) Until I'm fast asleep.(puts head on hands and closes her eyes).

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