Monday, October 27, 2008

Much about nothing.....

Not much happening around here. Hailey is adjusting very well to school...she loves it and gets excited when we turn onto the street where school is. She does not really nap at school though....dont know what to do about that!

Football...and fantasy football is in full swing......I am doing half and half in both my leagues....Glenne is doing pretty good in most of his leagues! We are pumped about the Phillies in the World series race....CANNOT BELIEVE THE RAIN DELAY TONIGHT!!!!!

Glenne is busy in work, my work is finally slowing down a bit from the hurricane...thank goodness.

Hailey is talking up a storm and is like a sponge taking and learning everything.

We are haivng Hailey's birthday party on 11/15. I cannot believe that she is going to be 2 yrs old already.....where did the time go???!!!???!!!! Glenne and Hailey had a cold the last week or so....I have been dealing with sinus issues since the hurricane. I hope she does not get too many colds but I know starting school it was bound to happen.

I think that is it for now.......I have totally fallen off the healthy wagon, I need to try to be a little better. I have gotten into cooking and that is not helping much. I do try to cook with light/non fat foods though. Oh well.....

Till next time my friend...and family.......

This and that.......

Here are just a few pics of nothing in particular.

here she is wearing her wings (she calls them her butterfly wings) that I got her
playin at kenzie's bday party

sunday football

pretending to drive outside babies r us

Trip to philly.....MISS YOU UNCLE KEN!!

The first weekend in sept Hailey and I went to Philly unexpectedly. Uncle Ken had passed away and we went up for the funeral. It was the first time I traveled that way with Hailey by myself. She did very well on the plane coming and going. She loved meeting all her cousins and other family members. We got lucky going and coming with a empty seat next to us both ways. It was so great to see everyone, even if it was for such a sad occasion. I know Uncle Ken would have had a great time playing with Hailey and seeing her play with Hannah, Molly and David. We flew into philly the day that tropical storm hanna was in philly....we were delayed leaving Houston and circled Philly for a long time too....but we made it safely. When we came back to Houston a few days later Hurricane Ike hit houston and we all know about IKE!!

Here are some pics taken from my phone from our trip.

Here we are leaving Philly...waiting for them to tell us we could board the plane to come home.
PHilly skyline from 95 driving to the airport......tried zoomin in more....did not work...LOL
Me and Aunt Anne

Hailey and Aunt Jackie

Hailey and Pop Pop...she was trying to get down the steps and out the door

Action shot...Hailey and Kayla playing

Sleeping on the airplane on the way to Philly

Playing in the airport in Houston......waiting for them to tell us when we could board the plane

coloring helped pass the time!

Isnt she just the cutest!

All these pics were taken from my phone so the quality is not the best!

The NuNu

Well.....she did it!! She went on the NuNu at Chuck e cheese. She did not stay on the whole time for the ride (according to Daddy) but she at least went on it this time. I honestly do not know the obessesion/fear of this thing. I guess we are getting somewhere though since she at least went on it this time.

Little Ballerina

Hailey has a couple ballerina tutu's. This one finally fits her. I was going to send her to Meme's on day in this outfit...but she kept pulling the skirt off. She looked so cute that I had to take a few pictures. These were the best I could get. I plan on taking this outfit when I get her 2 yr pics done. She is so hard to get a good picture lately cause she does not stop moving!

Pumpkin patch

On sunday (10/26) we went to the Pumpkin patch. It is at the Old time Christmas tree farm near us. They have train and hay rides, and jumping slides and stuff. They had goats that you could feed and food too. Hailey had lots of fun running around and trying to pick up the pupmkins. It was a hot day and we went early......but we have a cold front coming in today....low of 39 deg tomorrow morning.

Here we are with the Mama and baby goat. Hailey kept putting hay in the pen trying to get them to eat it.

she got stuck in between the pumpkins in this picture.

here we are on the train

now on the hayride!

Hailey and Daddy on the train

Thursday, October 9, 2008

School times....and the nunu and cheese

Hailey is really liking school now! We have had 3 days where we have not had any crying when I dropped her off at school. Today she did not even give me a second thought. She walks in and gives the teacher her lunch box and as I am unpacking her back she is telling her teacher that I have her backpack. She is very proud of all her art work that she brings home from school. She can now recognize and point out the color red too. She has already been able to pick out circle and square before she started school. She still loves to sing and if you start cannot stop. She just says more, more, more. She is talking so much more now too. We still dont know all that she is saying, but we try and when we figure it out she gives us a "hah" to let us know that is what she was saying.

This past saturday Glenne and Hailey went to Gymbo (gymboree) and then right after they went to Chuck E Cheese. They are in the same shopping center. Hailey has been to "cheese" a few times but not enough for the obsession she has with it! lol At the "cheese" by gymbo they have a kiddie ride of the NUNU from teletubbies. Since then she has been OBSESSED with the nunu. It is all we have heard all week. When we went to gymbo on wed she stood at the window yelling "cheese" so I had to distract her and also when we were leaving. Tonight daddy told her that they will go saturday again.

She really is getting quite the personality....and quite the mind of her own. Her personality is a lot like Glenne, but she looks like me. We are definitley dealing with her trying to see what her boundries are and what she is able to do. Discipline is always a challenge because she is learning to just not even acknowledge that you are calling her. I did time out the other day because she is trying to climb up on her changing table. She did not cry, I am not sure if she even knows what it is yet. She is definitely becoming this little person!! She is growing up way to fast for me! :-(

That is about it for now.......till next time

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Videos of Hailey

Here are a couple video's of Haily playing around at Hooks airport/the duck pond.

These 2 video's are of Fri afternoon before the hurricane. Hailey enjoyed the wind blowing all around her.

Enjoy....Thanks for looking.

Visiting the ducks...before Ike hit

Here are a few pictures of Hailey, we went to feed the ducks friday afternoon before Ike hit. We got a few good ones and also some video too.

This is my favorite!

Art work from school

Here is a couple pictures of some artwork Hailey did in school. September the color of the month was red and they learned some nursery rhymes too. Hailey can pick out the color red too!

She is adjusting well to school, she missed 3 days cause the schools were closed a week and a half from the hurricane. This past thursday was the first day that we did not have any tears when I dropped her off. When grandma picks her up she has to show her all the toys in the room. The teachers say that Hailey is doing great too. She did not nap last week, I am hoping this is just a phase. The director and the teachers are all very nice and all seem to adore Hailey (how could they not!!) I think that as time goes on she will be running in and then I am sure I will be sad that day! LOL

Lake Bella Luna

Bet you did not know that we owned water front property in Spring, TX!

Sunday morning we woke up to power.....Glenne jumped out of bed and was dancing, Hailey and I were cracking up at him. We get a knock on the door a little while later and its our neighbor telling us to move our car up further in the drive way. At that point Glenne called "family, please come to the door" and we saw that our entire neighborhood was flooded. We do not know it it was from clogged sewer's or if the storm surge and all the rain in the sewer's. The entire neighborhood was underwater. I do not know if anyone got water in their homes or not. We got water up to the middle, or a little higher up the front lawn. Needless to say...we were not going anywhere that day....and unfortunately we could not drive on the street till tuesday. Kandi and Chris did not have power still so they braved the water and came did Jill and Bryan. We cooked up food and ate a lot, watched football.

On Monday we were going stir crazy....I think knowing that you cannot get out makes it worse. Glenne went into the garage and got out an air mattress and an old baby tub of Hailey's. He put the air mattress in the water and the tub on top of the mattress and pushed Hailey up and down the street. She thought it was a blast, I was a bit nervous cause she jsut does not stop moving.

Glenne and Hailey going up the street. (notice the comcast truck...he did not move for 3 days or so)

Hailey pretending to go nite nite
This frog was just sitting on the faucet on the side of the house.
This is what we woke up to on sunday morning.
Glenne and Hailey on monday in the water.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Life on Bella Luna ct is back to normal now...THANK GOODNESS!!!

More Ike

Here are some pictures taken from my cell phone saturday afternoon when we ventured out. We needed to feel some air conditioning!! It was raining early afternoon, then it stopped and in the middle of the night saturday a storm came thru and it poured down....but it brought it cool weather for the rest of the week.

This is a picture of the lights hanging outside our neighborhood.

A cop in the distance trying to tie down a traffic light.

The white part of the dennys sign blown out
Hailey and Kenzie
I have some more of a car under water on a street by us...and one of a electric pole going across a road. I need to upload them.

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