Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we honor those who have served or are currently serving. We are thankful for their service in protecting us and this country!!!!

It was hot and humid in Spring. We did not do much today.

Standing under a nice shady tree after feeding the ducks. I really like this picture.
the cheesey cheese smile......

The local high school put american flags all thru our neighborhood as a fund raiser/spirit of America.

Misc pics from the weekend

Just a few Misc pics from the weekend. We did not do too was more of a relaxing weekend then doo a ton of things. It was needed!!!! Thurs night we went to dinner with Hailey for our anniversary. Fri Hailey stayed overnight with Meme and Granddad and Glenne and I went to the movies to see "Angels and Demons", it was very good!! Saturday we slept in and then went to get Hailey, went to the library to exhange our books then came home. Sat night we went to the drive in (see post below this one). Ginge came over sunday and put in a doggie door for Max. Monday we just hung out...went to Denny's for breakfast and then went to feed the ducks. It was hot out so we were not out long.

Hailey at Hooks yelling at the ducks to come over to her
At Denny's looking at a picture on my cell phone.

Reading some of her books......."fix it duck" is what she is reading in this picture.

the Showboat Drive In

This past sat (5/22) we went to the drive in to see "Night at the museum 2". Since it is warmer at night then the last time that we went to the drive in we took some chairs/lawn chaise with us and sat outside of the car. We got there when they opened thinking that we would get pretty close/if not up front to the screen but it was already pretty busy. We got probably about 4th row or so. Normally we are a little further back. We got there about 2 hours before the movie started since it does not start till sundown. They have a play area up by the screen so we went up there and Hailey played on the swings and ran around. She talked to everyone too. She did very well with paying attention to the movie considering that when the movie started it was her bedtime. She gets a bit crazy and starts bouncing off the walls (so to speak) when she is tired so we had a lot of that going on in the dark but for the most part she sat thru most of it.

I know you are asking....Jeanine..did you take pictures????? OF COURSE I DID!!!

In the car on the way to the drive in...eating fruit snacks.
sitting in her wagon going to the swings at the drive in

one of her favorite things to do....

Daddy showed her how to swing on the big girl swings on her belly, she was not too fond of it.
girl sure can make some faces.....

sitting in front of the car (horrible picture of me!)

Daddy and Hailey hanging outside the car

The screen and play area.....behind me was the first row and there were poeple just sitting out on blankets in front.
Hailey makes friends all the time and this little girl was 6 yrs old and talked away and insisted on pushing Hailey on the swing...She LOVED it!
being pushed by her new friend.....

this girl did not stop talking....she was cute

Me trying to take a pic of the 2 of us
Glenne took a pic for us...........

This last picture was just before the sun started going down .....and YES.....Hailey did have bug spray on as did I. Glenne opted to not put it on.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

School days school days!

Well, Hailey made it through her first year of school (Mother's day out). Looking back at that first day and then to her last day...what a difference. That firs day, well few weeks, she cried every day that I dropped her off, the first week I think I cried too! She got used to it and eventually we got to where she has to carry her lunch bag in, gives it to the teacher and I have to walk over to her to say goodbye and give her a hug and a kiss. She has 2 best friends Bella and Violet. Much to Glenne's dismay she has a favorite boy in class too and his name is Patrick. Next year she will go back to the same school and she will go to the next class, Mon/wed/fri 9-230pm. Now to keep her busy all summer.....Glad Glenne is off all summer...hahaha

Here are some pictures from throughout the school year.

Hailey's first day of school 9/2/08 (Mother's day out)
Getting ready, insisting on wearing her back pack
First day in her classroom with her lovey Lamb

Halloween at school 10/30/08 (we loved school at this point)

One of Hailey's best friends at school..Violet.

Last day of school 5/21/09 (much happier then the first day!)

Hailey and one of her teacher's Miss Amber.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

ok...I know its supposed to be wordless..but I have to give a timeline.

first two...6-8 monthsish

next two 18 - 20 monthsish

next 1/2 yrs old

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hailey and Max Playing in the yard

Max and Hailey are really getting along well. Hailey is starting to hug Max and surprisingly either likes it or deals with it. Max likes to run around the yard in circles like a mad man. Hailey cracks up laughing the whole time. Now Max has also figured out how to climb onto her climber. They really do have a good time together. Max loves to catch the bubbles in the yard as Hailey is blowing them and she just cracks up.

Here are a couple pictures!

If you notice in the background Max is trying to climb up after Hailey.

Here is a recent picture of Max. He is getting big, but the vet seems to think that he is not going to get any bigger.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Here are a few pics from Mother's Day. I thought I did not take many....but now that I see how many I am posting...maybe I was wrong.

I just love the look on her face in this picture.
Oh the concentration while playing.

Up close shot....can you tell it was hot and humid...the curls were out!

Tipetoeing to look on the table at something.

Dancing with Daddy....and calling to Uncle Aaron to look at her. (the rockets were playing on Mother's Day and the men were engrossed in the game)
More dancing..............

More dancing...................

A family picture......of course Glenne does not smile....he does smile when he does not have a camera pointed at his face..LOL

After Leaving Meme and Granddad's we went home and got Max and went to the park. It was Max's first trip to the park. He did very well with all the people there.
On the swings....of course

On the horse...checking him out.

On the swings again just before leaving the park.....Hailey did not nap this day so we had a bit of a meltdown when we were leaving the park.

For Mother's day this year we did not really do much. We went to the library to get some new books like we do every 2 weeks on a sunday and then picked up some pizza and went to Meme and Granddad's. We hung out and Hailey made sure everyone was paying attention to her, especially Uncle Aaron. She can make anyone smile. Grandmom got her this awesome dress that is like a ballerina dress when she was visiting in april. Hailey wore that dress on Mother's day. It was a little big in the shoulders so we improvised to keep it on the shoulders with a headband and barret in the back. It would have been a perfect outfit if we would have thought to get her ballerina shoes. I did not get too many pics this year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day. We had great weather here in Houston except for the heat and humidity, but its Houston so that is normal!

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