Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ballerina Hailey

Dressed up as a Ballerina in the body suit and ballet slippers Daddy got her.

Ballerina Hailey

visiting the ducks

The day after the 4th of July we went to go feed the ducks. When we were there we saw this old military plane and it was being started up. We watched it as they started it up and drove it down the runway toward what we think was a storage area of hooks airport.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures

One of our trips to Moody Gardens.....there will always be more. Glenne NEVER gets in pictures. Hailey said he had to get in.

Hailey standing up against the sizes of the penguins

The penguins being fed....
hanging out at Palm Beach
the view from our beach chairs at palm beach
Hailey and mommy in the water


Just wanted to post some pictures of crafts that we have done this summer. Hailey really enjoys it and we do not do it as often as she would like. A lot of the ideas we got from watching sprout tv. You can also go to their website for how to do the crafts. They have so many different crafts on their.

Cofffe filter butterflies...spread the coffee filter out, paint as you like..let dry...losely wrap the pipe cleaner around to make it look like a butterfly....and ahve yoru butterfly

Our Stained Glass Jar....Hailey decided that it needed some green paint besides the other stuff we put on it. *take a jar...get the glue for crafts and spread on the jar, take cut up pieces of tissue paper and place on jar...coat with a thin layer of glue..let dry** We added the extras of ribbon and paint.
Mexican paper flowers. this is 3 small ones put together. I did not do them right so the 3 small ones made on nice big one. Hailey picked the colors. I think granddad has the influence with the tangerine and white for soccer!!! (blackpool soccer)

Driving her car

On July 5th I was off and we did not really do anything so we took Hailey out to drive her car. She does better driving in a circle. She asked for the glasses to wear ..and the princess tiara. At the end of this post is a short video of her driving.

4th of July "Red, White and Bang" Festival

On the 4th of July we went to the Woodland for their 4th of July festival and fireworks. Kandi, Chris and Kenzie met up with us too. We got there before they did and Hailey wanted to get her face painted and go on the bounce houses. We told her she had to wait for Kenzie for the bounce houses. It was so hot and the ground was a bit soggy from all the rain we had. July has been so rainy for us and it is not normal. Our rainfall (now the end of july) is 4 inches above normal. We are normally in a drought this time of year. We enjoyed the music and when it got dark the fireworks.

Here is Hailey picking out what she wants her face to be painted
Getting her face painted. She went for the good ole' american red, white and blue butterfly

Jumping in the bounce house with Kenzie
Gotta love her!!
Caught them by was after 8pm...both at this point are normally getting ready or in bed....they were so tired but would not admit it.
This was after we got them to perk up and smile......
Waiting for the fireworks......there was some loud fireworks that could not be seen so that is why Hailey is not looking at the camera
Kandi...being her!! she is wearing the glow necklace one of the girls had..on her head
This is the spider that made Glenne jump 5 ft off the ground when it touched him and he did not know what it was. I was not quick enough to get a picture of his face.
Daddy and Hailey....yes..most of the face painting is off......she was working on God knows what energy at this point.
Hailey and Kenzie's shoes with their glow necklaces in their shoes.

While we were at the festival we did run into the Dr that took care of me while pregnant with Hailey and she recognized and stopped us. She saw Hailey and said..."omg she is your mini you" she talked to Hailey and she was acting wild and she said...." I see the personality is more Daddy". That is what most people say :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th of july

ooops....forgot to add this one

I forgot to add this one to the last day post....Hailey and I getting on the bus to go home

Disney*last few hours before going home*

On fri (6/18)we were not set to leave for the airport till 315pm. We left our luggage with the bell hop and then set off to Magic Kingdom. Hailey and I rode the Barnstomer and we also rode Winnie the Pooh, the Carousel and a few other rides. We met back at the Hotel to have lunch with Grandmom and Grandpop.

Us riding the Barnstormer rollercoaster
She was laughing riding this....she rode this the first day and was not too sure of it.
Waiting in line

We stayed at the Boardwalk villas Hotel. It was set to the old time Boardwalk theme.

Showing Grandpop her Quarter and pennies that she did in the machine to make Disney Characters. She loves those machines
She loved this chair.
waiting for the bus to go back to the airport.
Getting on the bus.....Bye Grandmom and Grandpop :( Thanks for a awesome 5 days in Disney. We cannot thank you enough for it!!

On the airplane...watching Cinderella....she was so wiped out at this point

Hailey canont wait to go back again...she loved Disney World!! (Mommy and Daddy cannot wait for the next time too)

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