Monday, June 29, 2009

Max the Puggle

Hello Everyone.....

I am writing to say after much debate....we have decided to find Max a home where he will get more attention and the exercise and activity that he deserves. He is such a good puppy that we had a hard time coming to this decision. We have been thinking about this becasue he wants to play and be more active then we have time to give him. Hailey had a hard time playin on the floor cause Max would try to eat her toys and he wanted constant attention that we could not give him without taking away from Hailey. Hailey is our priority and we felt bad nto giving Max what he deserves. We found a wonderful young couple who already have a 2yr old female puggle. They go to the dog park and go for walks everyday with their dog Shelby. The dogs met and were playing and chasing each other from the start. They took Max for a few days to see if he was the right fit for their family and called and told us they want to keep him. We were not going to give him to just anyone and they can give him so much more love and attention/activity then we can give him at this time in our lives.

Glenne has said that he will triple think getting another pet!! At this time work, Hailey and enjoying her is enough for our lives. We did not want to continue to keep Max and not give him what he deserves.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day at the beach...Crystal Beach

Yesterday we went to Crystal beach for the day. We discovered this little town on Bolivar Peninsula last summer and fell in love. We were upset when Hurricane Ike hit last september...We were hesitant to go back but went to check it out. The beach itself is great, the town is not close to where they were last year..but they are rebuilding.

Glenne and Hailey in the water. This year she would go off and play in the water with Glenne and I got to relax on the beach. ( I may try bringing a book with me next time! haha)
She was concentrating so much and enjoying playing this was the only picture I got of her looking up at me..sorta!

She loves the beach and playing in the sand.

Notice the 2 buckets...she was switching back and forth betweent he buckets putting the sand in them....and shells she found too

putting sand in both buckets...... a little backwards here....but oh well! To get to Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula you can take one highway and take the one road all the way in or take the ferry boat over (it can be a wait) and get out of the car for the boat ride and watch the dolphins swimming next to or in front of the boat. Hailey loves to look for the dolphins and at one point either goint to the beach or coming back there was one directly in front of us....if we were beyond the ramp we could have touched it!!!!

Here is a picture of one of the ferry's passing us.
Little Miss Independent Hailey had to get down and stand by herself so we found a hole for her to look thru to see the water

She eventually decided that it was a better view on Daddy's shoulders.

I think this was a shrimping boat in Galveston Bay.....the seagulls and other birds were just swarming the boat. As the boat was chugging along you could also see some of the dolphins following the boat.
Thanks for looking.....there will be lots more boring beach, pool pictures throughout the summer!

Crystal beach......

Yesterday we went to Crystal beach for the first time since Hurricane Ike. We did not know what to expect. It was practically leveled. They are rebuilding. I thought it would be interesting to post some pictures of when we were there last July and from yesterday so you can see how much was destroyed by the hurricane.

Here is a picture down one of the roads from the place we stayed last July. There were LOTS of houses.
A view from the can see all the roof tops and trees
Another view from the beach.....the sand dunes had green vegatation on them, the beach looked big then!

Here are 2 that we took yesterday..........Post Hurricane Ike!

The beach is HUGE now.....the line where the public beach used to start has been moved to the hurrican and land lost (something like that..there is a word for it, I cannot remember what they call it). All that extra beach is where one or 2 rows of homes used to be and now they cannot rebuild there.

All you can see it empty space and telephone/electric poles. From what we saw all the houses were being built higher up off the ground. The roads are still very bumpy. The town is coming will take time for them. We drove past empty fields that used to be filled with houses and businesses.

If you want to see these pictures bigger just click on the picture itself and you will get just the picture on the page.

I do have pictures from our fun time on the beach yesterday. I will do those in a different post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Born Beach Baby

Yesterday on my day off we went back down to the poo/beach. Hailey really loves it there. I made sure Hailey was covered in the sunblock but forgot to cover myself so I am a little burned now. I am sure I will be ok by tomorrow. They have 2 big water slides there too and we went down those. In that same area they also have this big water tower that dumps, well I should say pounds, the water onto anyone standing below it. I almost fell down when it dumped where we were standing and poor Hailey fell and bumped her head. We will know next time to not stand near there.

She is definitley a beach baby. She loves it!!

She was "watering the flowers"
time for a drink break!

Just adorable.....

She always has so much fun that it is normally a crying scene when its time to leave and she is totally exhausted but too tired to sleep on the way home.
We have had a few times this week where she just would not nap. I am hoping that she is not giving up those naps. She NEEDS those naps. Hopefully it is just something she is going thru.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesdays.....

Not much happening....Glenne started his summer vacation this week. So far they have not done anything exciting...park,etc! We have been getting Hailey telling us more often when she has to go potty and she actually goes so we are having more successes!

Max....a little over 6 mos old!
playing peek a boo

Monday, June 8, 2009

Palm Beach at Moody Garden's in Galveston

Yesterday (sunday) we went to Moody Gardens in Galveston ( They have an area there that is a beach/pool area. We spent most of our time here. We also got there mid afternoon so by the time we got settled it was after 2pm. Hailey could not wait to play in the sand and go swimming. She was so excited. The pool is the walk in kind so she was able to walk in and out and not hit deep water right away. She was concentrating so hard playing in the sand. Such a big difference from last summer at the beach, last summer we had to sit in the sand and play with her where this time she played by herself. I forgot the camera so these were taken with the camera phone.

Playing in the sand....we had to keep getting her to sit under the umbrella.
Walking to the water to fill her bucket to get the sand more wet.

dumping the water....if we let her she would have done this the whole afternoon

Playing in the water....she loved it

Mommy and Hailey playing at the edge of the water...she had to make sure she was sitting ON the sand!
Playing in the water/sand

More playing in the sand and water.......

We went to see an Imax about Dinosaurs....Hailey did good but it was not keeping her attention. It was not really for little kids. We did not stay for the whole thing. She liked the big glasses.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stealing Mommy's Salad

One night last week Glenne and I had a big bowl of salad for dinner and Hailey had something else since salad is not something she would eat a lot of. She had eaten all of her dinner then when I had gotten up from the table to put her dish in the sink she leans over to my bowl of salad and proceeds to eat it. Normally we cannot get her to eat much salad at all but she thought it was so funny that she got my salad and was eating it. I had to pull it away from her to eat the rest and she leans in with her fork and helps herself to more while I am eating.

She had the bowl up to her chest and was really enjoying it.

One day I will get a full meal to myself.....I hope!

Fun Weekend

Friday we went to the drive in again. UP was playing and it was a night out. Hailey enjoyed the movie and did well considering its her bedtime when it starts. She loves movies and stays focused on the movie for her age.

Saturday I worked and later that night Kandi and Chris came over without Kenzie. We played some games and got to have a nice visit with friends without kids interupting. Hailey had gone to bed before they got here.

On sunday we went to Old MacDonald's farm. They have farm animals that you can feed, pony rides, train ride, swings,etc. Hailey had a great time and loved the pony ride. She was not too sure about the animals eating from her hand but did pretty good. It was a very hot day as you will be able to see in the pictures of Hailey all red cheeked and sweaty and full of curls.

Hailey and Daddy in the Farm cut outs(the wholes needed to be a little bigger)
Feeding the baby goats.

The one on the bottom right of the picture was just hunched down on his knees.
Taking a pony ride.....she did great holding on and was not afraid at all

She looks like a pro, doesn't she?
This turkey was just walking around, Hailey kept going to him and yelling "hi turkey" and started folowing him around.
FFeeding the Wallaby.....she had some issue with keeping the food cupped in her hand
These deer were just roaming around and we were able to just walk right up to them.
Finally getting it to keep the food in her hand to feed the animals
This deer had an attitude..could have had something to do with Hailey pulling its ear when she walked up to it. She fed him then he leaned into her and nipped at her shirt. I do not think he wanted to be bothered. We distracted her and moved on after that. *no he did not get her skin or anything...just grabbed her shirt**

Waiting for the train to go....she was very patient.

We were still was not a long wait, but to a toddler it is forever!
After we left we went and got a small pool from walmart. After Hailey's nap we went in. The water was cold and Hailey was almost purple and chattering as she was talking but still insisted on staying in the pool. We set it up on the patio for that day till we could clean up the yard of max's mess and mow. This weekend we will put it out in the yard and the water will be warmer. It amazes me that kids will just keep on playing in the pool even when they are freezing!

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