Monday, December 17, 2007

1 year check up

Hailey had her 1 yr check up on 12/5. She weighed 21.4 lbs and I think was 30(maybe 29-but i think she did not measure well since hailey was wiggling around)inches. She screamed her head off when she got her 3 shots. The dr said she is doing great and is doing all and then some as far as all the developemental things. She is still walking holding onto furniture but not by herself. She has 8 teeth now. She even say ruff ruff (more like a grr grr) for a dog barking and she even barked when she saw a dog on the back of a truck! She is still nursing basically at nap time and bed time. She is drinking whole milk and we are starting to transition to a sippy cup only.

She is loving the christmas lights all around and we just put the tree up and now have to try to keep her from trying to get that. She did get 1yr/Christmas pictures done too. The pictures really reflect her personality.

I think that is it for now. till later...............

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wild Thing!

Not much going on here. We have 2 new teeth in the last week, one on top and one on the bottom. She is babbling and trying to communicate a lot more with us. She is still just cruising along the furniture but getting braver, she has realized she can walk around to the back of the sectional now!

Her hair is growing fast and can be a bit wild with the curls! I am attaching a few pics of our "wild thing" from today. She was just a animal this weekend yelling at Daddy for things and just demanding things! It was amusing but we do not want it to become a habit.............dont want a brat baby! LOL

This one is just too sweet.........her and Daddy were sound asleep one day in bed! I know everyone says she looks like me, but I see Glenne!!

That is all for now....till next time

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1st Birthday! (and some updates)

I cannot believe she is one year old already! Where did that year go???? I feel like we just brought her home from the hosptial!!!

Hailey came down with a stomach bug friday night 11/16 and was up throwing up fri night and sat off and on till sunday. We canceled her party that was planned for Gymboree cause she was just not up to it. Glenne wound up getting sick sunday night with the same bug and I got it monday afternoon. We did have to take Hailey to the ER on monday cause she was not eating or drinking much liquid and she was not making any wet diapers. The er doctor gave her a shot to settle her stomach so she can start eating and drinking and get better. We went to her Dr's for a follow up on wed and she said its a bad bug that is going around with throwing up and direahea. She is doing much better now, back to normal....just teething!!

She now has 6 teeth but it looks like there may be a couple more trying to come through. We have her 1 yr check up on 12/5 so I will update after that appointment. She is still just cruising along the furniture, she likes when you hold her hands and let her walk, and stands by herself before she realizes that she is standing by herself and holds onto something real quick. She babbles a lot...we have dadada, mom,mamama, ruf (more like a growl), she tries to make a honk sound when squeezing your nose. She waves bye bye and waves hi....She says hi and bye too. She points at everything and if she wants it will yell till you figure out what it is she wants and gives it to her. She sings the lalala part of Elmo's world song. She loves Elmo!! She is now sitting forward facing in her carseat and its a whole new world for her to see what is in front of her for the first time!!

Here are some birthday cake pics. She did not know what to make of everyone singing to her, and did not know what to do with the cake at first...but afer I gave her a taste of the cake she realized it was good and to dig in!

Here are a couple pics of her opening presents.

Christmas Santa visit '07

Hailey went to see Santa today. I made a little scrapbook page with a couple other pictures. We had a great shot but the photographer was not ready when she first sat down with Santa. Santa was looking at her smiling and she was looking at Santa smiling. Its a shame neither Glenne or I realized it in time to get her to take the picture. We also got her 1yr/Christmas outfit pictures taken. We got those taken at target and will not get those back till 12/13.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tutu Head

Hailey's Mom Mom Terry got her a ballerina outfit and it finally fits her. I put it on her one day and she liked it. We were Playing around and I put the tutu on her head. She thought it was hysterical and just laughed. She looks like a flower with it on her head.


Hailey was a ladybug for halloween. She got a kick out of going to people's doors trick or treating. I think she liked the fact that they were giving her stuff. She wanted to eat whatever people kept putting in her basket. She went trick or treating with Kenzie. She also went to a gymboree Pumpkin Patch Party. Here are a few pics

Here are a couple at gymboree

Here are some from Halloween.

Here is Aunt Jill giving her some candy.

Her and Kenzie walking to the houses Trick or Treating. It was warm that night so at that point her hood was off of her costume to keep her a little cooler.

Getting candy!

Sunday football pics

Here are a few good pics from football at Kandi and Chris'House.

Checking out a new toy Aunt Kandi pulled out for her to play with.

Pumpkin Patch

Here are a few pics from the pumpkin patch where we went to a birthday party (old macdonald's farm on 10/21). I know I am late putting the pics up.

Here is a pic of Hailey on daddy's shoulders

Hailey pointing at mommy taking a picture of her and Daddy

Daddy says this one is of Mommy and Hailey having a moment

Hailey trying to hit the Pinata (with Mommy's help)

Hailey checking out the goats (and them checking her out). She was a little unsure of them...but was not scared.

Hailey with the pumpkins

A family shot (and a good one too!!)

Enjoying the swing!

Been a long time

I have been busy with work and Hailey lately and have not updated in a while.

Hailey has 2 top teeth, we think she may be getting molars. She is getting braver standing on her own but has not walked on her own yet. She is babbling all the time now. She is constantly pointing at things. She is very curious about the world around her. She is always testing to see what she can do/get away with. If you leave the room she will yell at you like"where are you going without me?" She laughs a lot too!!

I am off to post some Halloween pics.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy week for Hailey

Well, it has been a busy week for Hailey.

Tuesday afternoon we noticed the 2nd tooth on the bottom had come thru. That night Hailey took a step from her table toy to me all by herself. It was just a step or 2 but it was all by herself!!

Today we notice that the top right tooth had finally popped thru also. About 2 days ago she started the non stop DADADA's. We think she may have actually said Hi Dad last night too. She loves to sing along with you when you sing to her. She is really becoming quite the little person now. We are having so much fun with her!!

That is about it for now! Will post some new pics soon.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

can you see the tooth?

if you look at this pic of the bottom half of hailey's face you can see the lone tooth!!

First trip to the park

We took Hailey to the park for the first time this morning...before football. She had a great time looking at the trees and squirrels the people walking by. She loves being in her little car that her gran got for her too. We took her to the playground part of the park and put her in swing. She loved the swing!! Glenne got lots of action shots, some of them are blurry and you may be able to see the tooth too.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

some videos of clapping

Hailey is getting very good at the clapping now. All you have to do is say clap clap clap and she does it...its her new favorite thing to do. Last week after gymboree she also started trying to do the star hand gesture when doing twinkle twinkle little star. I got 2 different videos, she seems to clam up as soon as she sees the camera so its not the greatest video and she is a bit cranky in the one. When i get a better shot I will upload and post for everyone.

This one she is doing a little of both twinkle twinkle little star and clapping, she is a little cranky and we were at the end of her dinner.

This is one where she is in a better mood...just not cooperating!

If she just hears "twinkle twinkle little star" she starts doing the hand motions to the song. She also tries to sing too which you can hear a little of in the one video.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Standing on her own

Hailey stood on her own ( like 5 seconds) today! She knew she was doing it too. The look on her face was like "hey, i'm standing all by myself....yeah!"

she is also clapping now too...she has been half had open and the other in a fist but she is finally clapping with both hands open.

She is also saying what really sounds like "mom" but with the first "m" off of it. When she wants me she says "om".

I have some pics to upload...nothing special. I will try to get those up in the next few days if not tonight after she goes to bed.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something new when eating

Hailey has started to pretend to give you some of what she is eating then takes it away. You normally would not want what she is eating cause it is covered in drool...but she tries!

She will put her hand out with the cookie(or whatever it is that she is eating/has in her hand) and when you lean forward to take some from her she pulls away and just smiles and laughs.

She is really starting to get humor now. We still just have a crawler and a cruiser along furniture but she is getting more steady on her feet.

We are just trying to figure out what we are going to do for her birthday. We have a few options but nothing definite at this time.

That is all for now!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daddy amusement

Hailey has really started to find her daddy very amusing. He just needs to do something simple and she just cracks up at him. They have such a love for each other. It is great to just watch them.

She has also figured out how to make this snorting type sound (only way I can think to describe it) she makes this sound like she is almost snorting thru her nose. Its very amusing and she thinks that it is great that she figured it out!

I had more to write but as soon as I logged in I completely forgot. If/when I remember I will get back on.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nothing to do with Hailey....just cool!

This is a lizard that somehow got up in the hole of our windchime on our back patio! I just thought it was cool!

And I dont think you can see it...but this is a pic of a rainbow!

climbing under the crib

Last night I was in Hailey's room with her putting away her clothes. She discoverd an empty box under there. I turned away and next thing I know she is under the crib trying to climb on top of the box. She was very proud of herself!

Here she is standing holding onto her crib looking cute....just before crawling under the crib.

Here she is making her move!

Here she is under the crib....SUCCESS!!

And....DEFEAT....Mommy took her out from under the crib!

Waving! and a laughing video

Hailey can wave now! She usually waves after the person turns away or is already gone...but she gets the idea. She is such a smart baby. I am still amazed by how much she studies and picks up on things.

She is really starting to laugh at things that are funny now too, its like she is getting humor. Her funniest thing to laugh at is her daddy. I have a video I am going to try to put on here of her just cracking up at Glenne.

Here is the video!

Not sleeping well!!

Well, it seems Hailey thinks she is an infant again. For about 2 weeks now we have been up every 2-3 hours screaming, the only thing that gets her back to sleep is nursing and rocking with me. Needless to say.....I am rather sleepy!!

We were concerned about it being an ear infection so we took her to the dr's. The ears are perfect. Her top front gums are very swollen, she also said that sometimes babies will not sleep well before the hit a major milestone. It was a relief knowing it was not an ear infection!! We are just being patient and hoping this passes soon!! It is so hard to get upset though when you see that beautiful face...even in the middle of the night. Before we found out that it was teething/milestone issue we did try the "crying it out" thing one night.....let me tell you....Hailey is not one to calm and go back to sleep that way!

She was getting up just once before all this started and that was around 4/5amish. I would really like to get back to that point soon.

She crawls for real!!

Hailey FINALLY crawled for real. Sat night she crawled to Glenne like she has been doing it forever. Now she crawls to the things she is not allowed to get into. Her newest obsession is getting to the dvds and electronics. She is very proud of herself too when she gets to them. I did get a few pics that i will upload of her holding a couple dvds.

When she is playing we build a toy baracade to block her from the tv/electronics/dvd. She is very slick in figuring out how to get thru the baracade and to what she is not supposed to be getting to.

Here is her starting to make her break for it!

Here she is to the promised land of dvd's she is not supposed to be in! *hehe*

We do not have the real "gate" up yet, we just have to get it set up so she can still play with all her toys! (and boy does she have a lot of them!!)

If we are both home one of us usually sits on the floor with her and tries to keep the baracades in you can see in this pic!

And these ones she just looks cute!

She is becoming more vocal with the bababa's, gagaga's, dadada's and some other sounds that I'm not sure what they are or how to spell them out. She has not quite gotten the mamama's out yet. I know its coming. She is very good and coughing to get her daddy's attention when he is engrosed in his fantasy football stuff! Of course she gets a big smile out of him once he looks at her! She already has him wrapped around her little finger.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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