Saturday, July 26, 2008

Children's museum

In June we took Hailey to the children's museum of houston, they have a section just for toddlers so we spent a most of the time in that room. She had a great time and even fell asleep in the car on the way home, something which NEVER happens!!

Playing in one of the sections with the soft blocks
Putting balls and other things in cans through a slot in the lid...

These doors opened and closed and there was a switch to turn a light on above the door and also a doorbell. When you opened the door it was a mirror inside. All the kids seemed to enjoy this particular spot in the tot area.

This was a very large version of the book good night moon
Asleep in the car!

Elmo Sprinkler video

Here is a short video of her playing with the sprinkler

Elmo sprinkler

Grandmom and Grandpop bought Hailey an Elmo sprinkler and here are a few pics of her playing in it

Here is a picture of her making one of her funny faces
Here she is looking like Pebbles

Beach pictures from Mexico

Here is a view looking down the beach

This is the view of the resturant that is right off of the beach

Under the pier

Here is the walkway down to the beach. they have beds and lounges for you to use plus the regular beach chaise and chairs.

This is a pic of the pier that you can go out and look at the water and the water is so clear you can see the coral too
This is right at the shore and its all rocks. Glenne and I went exploring one morning and found all kinds of shells and even a starfish in the rocks along the shore.

Mexican Hat Dance

Here is the video of Glenne doing the Mexican Hat dance at the Fiesta. At the end after doing the shot of tequilla (yuck!!) he was supposed to do this yell but he did not do that.

Later they asked for people who had birthdays to go up and I was told to go up and then I had to do a shot of tequilla( I did it and cracked up a guy sitting up front when I made a horrible face)

More Vacation pics

Waiting to go into te fiesta mexicana

Grandpop holding Hailey's new baby doll Maria, waiting to go into the Fiesta
Finally inside and sitting down....Daddy kissing Maria
daily nap!
Hailey getting into the tube of sunblock (grandmom was taking the picture and Daddy was encouraging her to put it on herself!)

This was the pool behind our palapa ...that first palapa roof you see was the palapa we had every day

Hailey and grandmom playing with a little boy and his daddy
this is a view of the pool in front of our palapa
Hailey and grandmom playing...its a little far away
Momma and Hailey playing in the pool

A view of the pool from the activities stand...this is the middle pool

Hailey with her new doll at the Fiesta night.
Hailey and daddy at the fiesta night
Me drinking a crazy was good, it did have 2 cherries where the eyes are but Hailey ate them.


Hailey's napping position daily on vacation in the palapa

We went to Mexico, the Riviera Maya outside Cancun july 12-19. Grandmom and Grandpop came in from Philly and went with us. We all had a great time. We had beautiful weather the whole time. I think it rained 2 times....once in the morning before we started our day and then late at night. The resort was beautiful, the food was great and the rooms were very very clean. The resort had 3 big pools that were interconnected. The beach was rocky and the ocean was corally so you had to have water shoes to go in the ocean. Hailey did enjoy playing in the sand and the ocean, we did find a spot where it was not rocky for her to play in the water. We went to a Mexican fiesta one night and that was a lot of fun. Hailey loved watching all the signing and dancing and she was dancing right along too. Glenne got picked to go up and do a mexican hat dance during that fiesta. I got that on video too. During the day at the pool there was always some kind of activity going on so there was lots of music all the time and she was always dancing. The one night we went to the italian resurant on the resort and they had a guy that played the violin and also an opera singer too. Hailey was just enthralled watching them. Another night we were at another resturant and there was a meriachi band playing and she loved that too. We rented a palapa every day and it was so worth it. Hailey napped in it everyday. She would wake up from her nap and automatically say "pool" but would stop and eat a bite before swimming again. Grandmom and Grandpop ventured off the resort one day and went into Playa del Carmen for a few hours. Grandmom did some shopping and then they had lunch and enjoyed some 2 for 1 happy hour drinks. Glenne and Grandpop enjoyed happy hour most of the week...LOL I know I am forgetting some things but I am just drawing a blank right now

Hailey did great on the plane and thought that the landing was a ride and squealed with excitement. She napped on the plane both times. She did not seem to be bothered by the ear popping, we also gave her a bottle during take off and landing. She came back a different baby, seems like she is trying to be more independent then she was before we left.

Hailey actually sitting still on the bed in the palapa

Hailey and grandmom playing

Hailey and Daddy in the pool

After getting into the sunblock

Hailey and Daddy laying on the island in the middle of the pool

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