Monday, April 20, 2009

small updates

Hailey's new thing is "love it". We were playing the other day with her bubbles and she kept saying "love it!". She is picking up so much and seems to be learing so much all the time. She is wanting to do everything herself and thinks she is much older then she is. We are slowly working on the potty training..when she asks we take her but dont push it just yet cause we do not want her to feel pushed. She is going thru a phase where normal things she is used to are "scary" to her. Hopefully it goes by fast this phase. The school year is almost over and next year she will be going m/w/f.

I know I probably have other stuff to fill you in on, I just cannot remember at this time.

Till next time......Thanks for being in our lives!

The top video is of us on the Carousel ride at the Crawfish festival. Hailey and Daddy are saying giddy up Horsie and she is also telling him to not hold onto her. There were no safety belts so he was holding onto her, she did not like that.....little Miss Indepent.

These 2 videos are of Hailey singing part of the Beatles song..Golden slumbers, carry the weight. Here is link and this one has the words

Glenne sings the one line all the time...."once there was a way to get back home" and Hailey will repeat the BACK HOME. She has started saying way...back home. While Glenne played the first video yesterday she started singing and then went and got her guitar too and was singing, dancing and playing her guitar.

Crawfish festival in Old Town Spring**lots of pics**

On sunday (4/19) we FINALLY saw the sun here in south texas after a few days of torrential rain and thunderstorms. We have an annual Crawfish Festival that is held in Old Town Spring down the road from us. Neither Glenne or I eat the boilded crawfish but its a fun atmosphere and there is live music and shopping and othe food...AND RIDES! We had beautiful weather and Hailey was loving beign outside! Here are some pictures of our day.

Hailey in her ride for the day. The umbrella and sunglasses to block the sun since Mommy forgot sunblock. (she did get a little red but not bad :-( They had face painting too so we asked Hailey if she wanted to get her face painted and she said yes and picked out what she wanted. She was very good and sat so still. The woman doing it said she did great for being so young.

Here she is getting a flower on the one side of her face
And here she is getting a balloon on the other side of her face.
Her and Daddy checking out the finished result.

Back in her ride......
Such a serious face...waiting to go on the Choo choo ride

Finally.....on the ride...she loved going on the rides. Some she was not big enough for.

She really liked the cars and they went pretty fast too

The 3 of us went into the fun house. She loved these funny mirrors!

On the carousel. I have some video of this too. I actually rode on the horse on the carousel too...been a long time since I have done that.

Daddy let her switch horses mid way thru the ride.
Here is the BIG slide that her and Daddy went on. She loved it!!

Looking at a band performing some zydeco music

We were headed to the car and she had to help pull the wagon...then she got tired and had to go onto Daddy's shoulders.
Here are the close ups of her face paintings. (we had to stop at the store so that is why you see the dairy case behind her)

I have some video I need to put up too. ....that will be another post.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oopps......delted this from previous post

Here is the picture of Hailey seeing that she got a new Dora movie. she was very excited, not sure if you can see her face in the picture or not.

The Easter Bunny visits our House

The Easter bunny visited our House! He also left some eggs on the front lawn for her to find too. Hailey was very excited to see what the Easter Bunny left for her. The easter bunny brought her some little people toys, 2 puzzles, bubbles and sidewalk chalk and a Dora movie.

Here is her basket and the bowl of eggs for Meme and Granddad
Looking at her basket on the table
getting a better view on the floor of the stuff
Looking at the Dora movie

Playing with the grass in the basket

Looking for eggs outside our house
finding eggs in the flower bed....and there is one of the plants her and Grandmom planted

Here is another egg...and 2 more of the plants that she planted with Grandmom finding the last egg.....she even let out a scream of excitement when she saw it.

I forgot to add that by the time she got to Meme and Granddad's and did the Easter egg hunt in their yard she was screaming with excitement at all the eggs she found.

Easter at Meme and Granddad's

After the rain stopped the sun came out and Easter turned out to be a beautiful day. Meme and Granddad did an Easter Egg hunt for Hailey in the back yard at their house. She was warmed up for that one after doing the one at home that morning.

Looking for the eggs......

Hailey and Granddad playing in her kitchen
Hailey hiding under Meme's shirt while she was cooking

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Woodlands Children's museum

We went to the Woodlands Children's museum today after the Easter Egg hunt. Its a nice little museum and they have stuff the kids seem to enjoy. After we were there a little while it was clear that Hailey was getting tired. We also tried going to the play area in the mall which she normally enjoys but she seemed to get scared to go in. I do not know if it was too many people for her but we did not force the issue and moved on.

I added a picture or two that I thought I got on the post for the easter egg hunt. Chick fil a sponsered the Easter Egg Hunt and they had the Cow mascot there too.

Hailey likes playing in the sand at the museum. for some reason all the kids can play in this room for hours and not get bored

coming down the tunnel

playing dress up as a bumble bee

they have this dinosaur dig area with chopped up rubber and Hailey found this hat that she had to put on OF COURSE! (even though if we want her to wear a hat we cant get her too)

Playing with the crane on the railroad set they have there

Thanks for looking everyone.

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt this morning in the Woodlands. Hailey started off slow but quickly got the hang of it. She even shared some of the eggs she found with some of the other kids at the end of the hunt. They had some bouncers there too that she went on. It was a nice morning even with the crown that was there. Here are pictures from the hunt.

Hailey patiently waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

the hunt started and she is getting the hang of what she is supposed to be doing

Sharing with a little girl....I guess she thought she did not have enough eggs

sharing with another little girl on our way to the car

on the bouncer.....she liked it till the bigger kids got in

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