Thursday, January 15, 2009

Page name change

Max and Hailey......Hailey and Max......Max and Hailey.....Hailey and Max

for those who dont know...there is a show on Noggin called Max and Ruby....we did not plan on naming Max Max cause of this show.....but, when we decied on the name......the theme song to the show, Max and Ruby popped into our for now....the page will be called Hailey's..and max's get the idea!

A WINTER day in South Texas!!!

After the movies we passed by a park....we stopped and played for a little while. The day stared off very cold in the low 30's, by the time we got to the park it was almost 60, or higher! GOTTA LOVE SOUTH TEXAS WINTERS!!!!

Hailey and Mommy swinging on the big girl swing!

Hailey and Daddy swinging!
Hailey....loving the swinging!

on the playground...the bouncy thing (dont know the name of it...sorry!)

climbing up to go to the slide...notice the concentration!

On the see saw .....that is me at the other side bouncing lightly and taking pictures(good huh!)

On one of those other bouncy things...whatever they are called!!

after she climbed into the monkey bar round thing!

Trying to get Hailey to climb....which is a hard thing to understand since she is always trying to climb at home!
Got to love these SOUTHERN winters........We sure do miss all our northern folk.......but we sure do love our life down south!!!

Movie time!

On Wed...1/14 we took Hailey to the movies to see "Tales of Despereaux" , the theater was empty. There was one other family in there..a dad and his daughter who was about 6 or 7????

Hailey sat thru a good portion of it. She did start to get antsy.....but Glenne let her get down and explore..the 2 of them checked out the front row. She did good. I think she will do better the next time too!

***note the look on Glenne's face....I think he was thinking...what the heck is she doing taking a picture in the theatre!****

Playing in the yard...E-A-G-L-E-S!!

What a cutie!! I think I need to post this one on the eagles website...what do you guys think!??!!???
sliding down feet first on her belly on the slide......if she had her way we would be out there all the time playing

Showing off her Gymbo stamp on her belly ....from Gymboree

Pretending to sleep with Gymbo...

Playing at Gymbo....Not sure what the face is all about....I think she saw the Gymbo coming over towards her.

Dancing and playing the Maracas

Playing with the bean bags at Gymboree

and...of course.....the "cheese" face! GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

Here are a few random pictures of Hailey.
We have started proactively putting Hailey on the potty. We have had 2 times where she has gone on the potty. I am sure we can be a bit more aggressive....but I think if we do it this way in her own time she will get it. Hailey has always been do it when it she gets it kind of girl......She walked when she was ready, she talked when she was this she will do when she is ready! For now....we are giving her the idea!!

Happy New Year....Welcome Max!!

Please read below all the pictures...I am having user issues tonight and cannot seem to cut and paste what I typed before adding the pictures!!

This was take tonight of Max......1/15...11 days after coming home!

Playing in the back yard with Hailey

Sleeping in the office while I am working!

Sleeping upside down while I was working...again!!

First day home.....sniffing Hailey

first day home....playing with a toy

Checking out Hailey...first day home

We have had a pretty exciting New Year! The week between Christmas and New Year's Glenne and I were discussing getting a puppy for Hailey. I still think I was not in my right state of mind when I agreed that a puppy was a good idea. After extensive research, looking online and looking at the various shelters and pounds we did find a puppy. Glenne almost came home with a 1 1/2 yr old chichuaua from the aspca(the line to get him was so long and he was there with Hailey and the dog by himself-I was working) but someone made sure we came home with a different puppy.
In all the searching we were doing Glenne found an ad for someone selling Puggle puppies. I know you are asking...."What is a Puggle, Jeanine?" A puggle is a Pug/Beagle mix ( a hybrid mix-pure bread pug and pure bread beagle). He will get at the most 30ish lbs....full grown he will look like a miniture Boxer , if there was such a thing.

On Sunday Jan 4, 2009 we brought home our newest member....Maximillian Pugglesworth, aka Max. Hailey is very much LOVING having her own puppy. She is running from him when he is awake and trying to play...when he is sleeping/resting she is up in his face saying "lick, lick" and saying "awww puppy" trying to hug him. Luckily he is a puppy and does not know any better. We really wanted to rescue a puppy but once we saw the add for Max I think we were both in love. We kept looking but we wound up getting Max....and we are very happy that he is part of our family.

House/potty training is going better then we thought....we still have accidents, but a lot of times it seems like that is when we dont leave him out in the yard long enough to do his potty business. He is pretty much sleeping/quiet thur the night too.

I hear the first year with a puppy is the hardest ..but totally worth it.....kinda like a baby...Hahaha!!!

Enjoy the pictures! There will be more!!

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