Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun with "friends"

Today Hailey and I just hung out and played...vegged out........something we dont always get just me and her. I had things to do but just did not feel like pushing the issue to get her out of the house. This morning she was playing with some of her "friends" (the plush kind) and she lined them all up on the couch and then proceed to sit next to them and watch Sesame Street. I just had to take a picture of it! I got the typical "cheese" pic with her saying cheese with that grin that comes with it then a little better one.

She got a gift in the mail from her Aunt Jackie and it was filled with dress up clothes. She LOVES it!!! Since getting it we have played with it often. This picture is the first night of her getting the gift. This is the 2nd outfit. The box came with shoes too...they are so big but she insists on wearing them. She is starting to realize that they are not steady so she does not really walk in them now. She is such a girly girl!!!

Outdoor fun!

Just a few pics of us the wagon....out in the yard!

Hailey hanging with Daddy on the patio

The neighbors on the other side were out in their yard playing and they were saying Hi to Hailey but she was acting shy and not responding. Max of course had to be involved! More peeking thru the fence as they were saying Hi to her

We went for a walk around the neighborhood in her wagon(max was at the vet that day getting fixed). We stopped to check the mail and Hailey decided to read the magazine that we got in the mail on the way home.

Sitting in her wagon!

Visit to the Easter Bunny

We went to visit the Easter bunny today and Hailey screamed "HI" to him the whole time.....till she had to sit on his lap. She gave us some sort of smile, this was the best that we could get. I also posted some other pics taken after.

With her bunny ears from the Easter Bunny

Here she is before sitting on the Easter bunny's lap.

On the way home.....she LOVES the ears!!(this was the 3rd time I had to put the ears back together)

Today Hailey got her toe nails painted again. I got a pink color this time. She kept taking her socks and shoes off later in the car on the way to see the easter bunny to see the "pretty" toe nails.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Max and bubbles

Here is the promised video of Max trying to get the bubbles! Believe it or not this was just a few days after he got fixed and the vet "said" that we needed to keep him calm and he probably would not want to play like usual. YEAH RIGHT!! As soon as he came home he was his usual self.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

short videos....

Here are a few short videos of randomness.....and one of max attacking his bed. sorry for the quality...they were from my cell phone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hailey the little gardner!

Hailey and Granddad love to do gardening together. She seems to already have a much better green thumb then her Mommy does. Meme sent this pictures of Hailey with Granddad recently so I am posting them on her blog. Now maybe I can get her to teach me a few things so that I can get some kind of garden going. LOL

Gardening with Granddad...had to have the shades on since it was sunny out!

Granddad and Meme bought a cherry tomato plant and waited till Hailey came to plant it. The next few pictures are of them doing that.

Here is she helping Granddad clean out the bird bath.

This last picture was just too cute. I was reading the sales papers after dinner so she had to read one too. She opened up the paper like this on her own and was "reading" it.

She is too smart for her own good sometimes! LOL

Little update on Max

Max on his first walk!

Max got fixed on fri 3/20. The vet said to keep him calm and he would be groggy for the first 24hours. Boy was that vet WRONG!! Max got home and was his same old self. Still running around like a wild man, still playing and still wanting food all the time! hahaha

We have started taking him for walks and he is not doing too bad with it so far. He tries to chase after the cars and wants to explore everything. He also loves bubbles and jumps in the air to catch them. I am still trying to get it on video, when I do I will upload it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

St Patrick's day..and other updates

I was slacking this year and did not send out a st patty's day card. Here is a picture of her on her way to school in her shamrock glasses. The shirt says "part irish and all trouble" and boy does it fit!

Hailey is doing great in school. She loves to go and next year she will be going 3 days a week. She is talking very well and does not stop. She is forming her sentences better used to be she would say"" where as in the last week we are getting "hailey eat...fruit". The pauses in between the words is not as much. We are slowly starting potty training. She is doing good but still does not tell us when she has to go. She wants to do everything herself now too. She is working on brushing her own teeth, she wants to wash herself when she is getting a bath, you name it she wants to do it herself. Her vocabulary is growing so much. She loves to sing and dance still so we do a lot of that. Her and Max get along well and the only issue we have is him jumping on her.

Max is like Hailey and LOVES bubbles....Max jumps in the air to get them. It is a very comical site that I plan to get on video..when I do....I will post it.

That is all....thanks for keeping up with us.

A day at the park

We went to a new park (burroughs park)that is a little more north of us but it has a lot more swings and play areas, slides and climbers. there is a huge pond there and lots of picnic areas. Hailey climbed all the way up to the big slide and slid down all by herself. She is becoming such a big girl.

She loves the swings and just laughs and smiles the whole time

coming down the big slide (the pictures are backwards...sorry)

at the top
Checking out the even bigger one but deciding to go down the 2nd biggest one

checking out the biggest slide...she was not too sure about that one cause you had to step up into the slide

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures

Our futer Rock star
Playing Abby Cadabby

Visiting the ducks

Here are just some pictures from one of our trips to feed the ducks. We got some really good ones this time(not that there is a bad picture of Hailey). The sun was starting to set and the lighting was good.

"smelling" the red bush

Chasing after the ducks trying to get them to eat the last of the bread. They were not too hungry that day.
Sitting on a tree stump with the planes in the back ground

Kicking a pine cone....action shot

Making the face

Looking thru the tree

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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