Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of school

Here are a few pictures of her first day of school. She was determined to wear her back pack even though she could not stand up without it toppling her over. She knew something was up...but was not sure what.

Wearing her back pack and holding her lunch bag.
Realizing that the backpack needs to come off!
Running to me since I wanted a picture....gave up the backpack and opted to hold just the lunch box......Lovey Lamb comes to school with us, some kind of comfort is best at this point.
This is from my cell school...looking a bit sad, Mom was a bit frazzled and trying not to cry. She held Lovey Lamb off and on all day, and cried off and on all day(apparently most of the kids cried off and on all day).

All in all for never being away from family (me, glenne or her grandparents have always taken care of her) she did well for the first 2 days. Her 2nd day she knew where she was going when we got there and started freaking out a bit. I went in and showed her the toys but she was not letting go of me, so when i moved she cried. Her one teacher came and showed her some toys and picked her up so I could leave. As I was leaving I heard her crying Mama, Mama. She did do better on the 2nd day. She played and interacted with the other kids and did not cry much.
When leaving school the playground is right next to the steps so I can stand there and see her. I of course watched a few mins to make sure she was ok.....and she is. She has 2 teachers ....and the director is in and out all day too. There are only 8 kids in her class too. I know she will love it and I will be sad the day she runs in and does not say good I am sad now when she cries cause I leave her! The day she runs to play at school will be a good sad day. :-)

Feeding the Ducks

As you all know, we got to feed the ducks at the airport near us. We saw some baby ducks there a while back....our most recent trip there we saw some of those babies. On this particular trip the ducks were rather hungry and swarmed us when we got out of the car. Even the Nutria (water rat thing...I will look and see if I have a picture of it) came out for some food. I dont know if people just are not feeding them or the people fishing have taken all of the fish..but these animals were wanting the bread we were giving them!! Hailey loved the ducks that close but we made sure she did not get too close.

Here is a picture of one of the baby ducks and the Mama

Hailey saying "cheese" to the ducks
The swarming Ducks....LOL
Feeding the ducks......actually, I think we were out of bread at this point.

Talking to the Ducks
Getting down on their level

Pink Cowboy boots!

Here are some pictures of Hailey and her Pink Cowboy boots that she got when she was born from her Aunt Deb. The Pictures are a little out of order....sorry.

She saw a book under the bed and here is the success of finding that...and a hat . She is wearing the Cancun shorts and Bubba Gump shirt (the shirt is a bit small will see that in a few pics down)

Here she is with the belly hanging out of the shirt that is too small...she won't be wearing this shirt again...LOL ................and yes.....she did insist that she wear the shorts, shirt and boots out that day!
Here are a few more boot pictures......she was sitting in her car watching the boys on our street play soccer.
Watching the boys play.....someone must have made a bad play, she looks not so happy...LOL
Showing off the boots! Loves the boots!!
What a cutie!
Here is the Cancun butt and Pink Boots! Her Daddy said that this will be the only time she will be allowed to wear clothing that has words across her butt!

She loves those boots....she is already figuring out what she likes and does not like....and that is starting to become evident with shoes....I am sure clothing will be next.

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