Monday, December 29, 2008


Here are a couple random pictures

Hailey in her red coat that Meme bought for her before she was even born. We lucked out and it fit her in the right season! "Little Red Riding Hood"

Here is a picture of our front lawn decorated for Christmas. Hailey LOVES the snowman and HOHO on the front lawn and gets so excited and surprised when she either walks out the door and comes up to the house in the car and they are up. When we walk around the neighborhood and the "other" Santas and Snowmen are not up she yells "WAKE UP" to them.

That is about it....for now....there is always more...till next time.....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008






Here is our little Eagles Cheerleader. The EAGLES made it to the wildcard round of the playoffs. Something we EAGLES fans did not think would happen this season. They totally STOMPED ALL OVER THE COWBOYS TODAY!!!!!! The defense was awesome!!

Lets hope that the Eagles continue the momentum through Febuary!!! I am not going to say the name of the game we are all hoping they get to and WIN!!! Cannot jinx anything.

Playing Chef!

Grandmom and Grandpop sent Hailey a box full of presents. One of the things in there was this Chef attire. It has a chef hat, apron, oven mit, pot holder and cloth napkin (which she calls a mat to put food on) and a wooden roller and spoon.

Here are a few pictures of her with the attire on.

We are "eating" what she cooked for us.
In this picture I am trying to figure out what this bath toy she got does...its dolphin and rings...but did not come with any instructions.
Just after putting the attire on

Our little Chef.....she loves to be in the kitchen with us and see what we are doing when we are cooking. Her new thing to say is..."i look" its for what we are cooking, doing or of pictures we just took of her.

Visiting the boys

Dec 20th was the anniversay of us losing our boys/their birth/them going to Heaven...whatever you wish to call it. It being 5 days before Christmas we of course had a lot to do. We did some shopping, I got a haircut while Glenne and Hailey went to Gymboree and Cheese!! We went to lunch then did some shopping. It really is great being able to shop with her for her presents. I know next year we will not be able to do that. Sorry I am going off track.

We got some trucks to put at the grave for the boys and cleaned it off with the little broom. Hailey liked that and wanted to do it to their grave and all the other ones around them. She also played with the trucks we left for them..crashing them into each other.

We do not go to the cemetary much..but when we go we usually have Hailey with us. I think it has been almost a year since I have been. She just runs around there (they are in a section called the Garden of Innocence where its all children) and plays. She does not seem to notice that it is a place of saddness for most of us adults. That is the wonderful thing about children.

This is a picture of the statue that is in the Garden of Innocence. As we were getting ready to leave she saw the statue and just went over and hugged it for a while. We actually had to walk away toward the car before she would walk away. It was just a very touching visit!

I know I do not normally talk about the boys much, but they are always in our thoughts. Thanks for reading.....

Christmas day 2008

We had a great Christmas with Hailey this year. She was really into Santa and all the decorations and lights. We explained to Hailey that we leave cookies and milk for Santa cause he needs the cookies to get him through all his deliveries to all the good boys and girls. On Christmas eve we made cookies and she helped (mommy cheated and got the pre mixed ones) by putting sprinkles on the cookies. She was so excited to be making the cookies for santa, all afternoon after the cookies were made she was obsessed with them and when HO HO was coming. We went to dinner that night with MeMe,Granddad and Uncle Aaron. As soon as we got home from dinner it was HOHO, cookies!! Before she went to bed she picked the cookies and put them on the plate for HOHO. There were no presents under the tree when she went to bed.

When she woke up the morning and came out of her room she was so excited to see all the presents. She did not know what to do. I was standing behind her and she ran out into the living room, stopped saw the pile of presents...ran back to me and hugged my legs...back to the presents...back to me and hugged my legs...then finally back to the presents. She was so funny....the whole time opening up her presents she just kept saying HOHO.

Here is the picture of the presents after Glenne got done putting together the shelf and 2 seater wagon. Glenne would much rather put the stuff together then wrap so it works out good for us both.

The milk and cookies that Santa ate. There were 3 on the plate that she left for Santa....Santa left a little piece for her.
Opening some presents....this one is from Aunt Lisa. Behind her is the bookshelf that Santa brought her. It has flowers and butterlies on it like she has on her bedroom walls.

Trying to sit in the shelf and banging her head....hence the look of pain on her face.

Taking a picture with her new camers from Poppy G and MomMom Terry (well, pointing the camera at Daddy and saying cheese...she is getting the hang of hitting the button on the front).

Sitting in front of her pile of presents....this is before going to Meme and Granddad's.

At Meme and Granddad's playing with her new baby doll crib.

Opening up and playing with one of her toys. That is me wearing my new texans jersey from Glenne. It is an authentic one signed by Steve Slaton..their new very good rookie!!

More presents

The pile got even bigger after coming back from Meme and Granddad's.

Christmas is so much better now that we have Hailey. It is so awesome seeing it all through her eyes. The excitement and wonderment of it all!! I think when all the decorations have to come down it is going to be upsetting for her. She comes out and asks for the tree to be turned on first thing every morning.
I have a few other pictures to post but will put them in a different title.......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hailey's visit to Santa

Today we took Hailey to see Santa. We went to the Woodlands Mall this year instead of the Willowbrook mall. The line was long....and we got there before they opened. The whole time in line Hailey kept saying Ho Ho.

Here we are waiting in line for our turn to see Santa. (sorry for the bad picture...its from my cell phone and it was dark in this spot)

We finally got to see Santa. She did not cry...but she would not smile at all. I think she was just a little unsure of him. As soon as she got down and was next to me again she started yelling by and smiling at him. Here is the picutre we got, at least its not a screaming baby Santa picture. Who knows what we will get next year.

There were 2 little girls directly in line in front of us and they were both named Hailey also (I do not know if they spelled it the same as we spell her name though.

Last night we went to see the christmas lights in the neighborhood Prestonwood Forest. The whole neighborhood decorates and some blocks even do a whole theme. It was really nice. Hailey loved looking at all the lights (so did we!) Today after the Texans game is over we are doing decorations.

Till next time......

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hailey's first visit to the Dentist

Hailey went to her first dentist visit yesterday. It was just a check up to make sure that every thing is going good in there. She is going to a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry and they see toddlers to teens. She did very well. Dr Pittman said that she has beautiful teeth and we are doing a great job of taking care of them. He was impressed that she brushes 2 times a day and enjoys it. We hope that she keeps that up. They also gave us information on keeping her teeth healthy and beautiful.

Her is a picture of Hailey and the dental assistant Angie. She is showing hailey the tools the Dr will use to count her teeth.

Hailey and Angie counting the Dinosaur's teeth

Hailey very serious about the counting of the Dinosaur's teeth.

Letting Angie look in her mouth

Hailey counting the dinosaur's teeth.

Letting Angie show her what Dr Pittman will be doing.

Waiting for Dr Pittman and checking the Dinousaur's teeth.

Now checking her own teeth

Here she is letting Dr Pittman check her teeth

Being such a big girl at the Dentist!

Being such a big girl...Both the Dr and Angie were very impressed with how well she did!

**on a side note** that morning I was putting Hailey in the car and as I bent and twisted I felt a pain in my lower back,it was a continous pain that pain reliever did not help. I came home and hopes it would just go away, but it was not. I went to the Dr yesterday afternoon and I have a strained ligament (the ligament that is between the hip bone and pelvis). I got some pain meds and anti inflamatory meds. I am on the mend...wwwooo hhhooo for mommy!
**WEATHER ALERT** Houston had a cold front come in tues night, wed it did not get above 35 and it actually SNOWED, that is right...your read right...SNOWED IN HOUSTON. I did not get any pictures but I am sure if you go to there are lots of pictures.
That is all for now.....Till next time.......

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not much going on......

Not much going on here lately......Hailey has been talking up a storm saying and repeating EVERYTHING!! We have to watch what comes out of our mouths now!!

Thanksgiving week Hailey came home with a fever on tues and was coughing a lot and was stuffy. She had a fever till some time late wed/early thurs. When she woke up thanksgiving morning she did not have a fever.....WWWWOOOO HOOOO!!!! She did not have much of an appetite for a few days and even when she started feeling better still was not eating like normal. She lost a couple pounds but we are working on getting those back.

She is starting to become a bit of a picky eater and just deciding she does not want to eat.....mealtime has been FUN!! Sometimes it is not worth the fight with a 2yr old.

Now that all the christmas decorations and lights are out driving home takes a little bit longer cause she LOVES to look at all the lights. For some reason when she sees the christmas lights she says "HHOHO" (yes the first h is extended). She is fascinated by Santa, she has not seen the big guy up close yet this year. We do not have our tree up yet, just a few decorations. We have some of those blow up ones for the front lawn we just got that are not up yet. I know she is going to LOVE that once they are up.

School is going good. She is finally sleeping at school, it is not always the whole time but better then it was in the begining. The teacher's said she is finally getting the hang of it. She LOVES to show off any artwork she comes home with. She even says some of the names of her classmates. When I drop her off on tues/thur I actually now have to walk to her and give her a kiss and say I love you.....she just gives the teacher her lunch bag and walks off to play. I am so proud of her!!

We still go to gymboree and one of her favorite friends is Issabelle who's birthday party she just went to this past weekend. The 2 of them kind of rule gymboree when there together....they push their way to the front even when its time for stamps at the end of gymboree. They both are blonde and curly haired too! (its almost her twin!) LOL She came to Hailey's party too.

We have had some chilly mornings here in the Houston area and I have actually had to pull out some winter clothes for Hailey. MeMe got her a red coat before she was even born and she wore that the other day. As soon as I pulled it out she wanted to put it on right away. It is really cute. I will find a picture and post it! She looks like "little red riding hood".

I think that is all for now! till next time........

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