Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Easter..sorry so late

The Easter Bunny visited our house this year. Hailey had a few egg hunts before the Bunny's big visit. She loved dying easter eggs this year.

Here is the basket he left for her

Looking for eggs the Easter bunny left outside
finding some more eggs
one pic I got of her looking at the camera
Showing off her loot
At Meme and Granddad's refusing to look at the camera
finally giving in and sorta agreeing to take pics

Easter Egg hunt..(more like confetti eggs) at the neighbors house at meme's
confetti head
more confetti fun
Hailey and Aryanna

Hailey, Daniella, and Aryanna
Hitting the pinata

Ilegals that have made our home theirs night Glenne comes in and says to me come here. I follow him outside and we have a little family of Birds that have made our home theirs. We have a family of what looks like 3 grey doves. They have started to make a nest (we think) in the gutter to the right of this picture.....I look out to that side of the house when I leave and I see at least one little bird head in the gutter. So...we now have a small bird family in our gutter. As of now..they are still there

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