Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty Nails!

Here are some pictures...sorry a little late putting them up, We misplaced the usb cord for the camera and just found it

Here is a picture of Hailey and can sort of see my Haircut, its shorter. (I need to get a highlight...just have to find time to go)
Us doing a puzzle (and another view of my haircut)
Here are the pretty nails....purple sparkly polish!

This past tuesday I went and had a me day. I used the gift certificate I got for mother's day (I know that was a long time ago) and got a mani/pedi and 1 hour massage. After that I got my haircut. I will try to take a picture of my Hair since I went shorter. Its longer in the front and shorter in the back about to my chin in the front. It was the first mani/pedi I got since Hailey was a newborn. When I picked up Hailey from school that afternoon I went to grab her backpack and she noticed the color on my nails. She gave a very dramatic gasp then ooohhh, then she looked down and saw my toe nails and gave the same reaction. All the way home she had to look at my fingernails. I had to tell her mommy has to drive and she can look when we get home.

That started her asking for her nails to be done. I told her that I will do them but she CANNOT put her hands in her mouth. (she always has her hands in her mouth). So it was hard to get her to be still, put the polish on and blow them dry. She has done great. She shows everyone her fingers and toes and says...hailey pretty toes fingers. I will try to see if I can get a picture...the polish is purple sparkles so its a little hard to see in a picture. She has not had her fingers in her mouth since tue afternoon except when eating if eating with her hands. She is very careful to not ruin her "pretty" nails.

No pics for now....maybe I can get some later to add to this for you all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random play

Here are just some random pictures.

Here we are playing in the yard...She loves her slide and you HAVE to say 1, 2, then she says 3 and slides down!

I think she was yelling at Max ....not sure
Max enjoying the sunlight.....

Hailey got this crayon Bank from Uncle Aaron for Christmas. She loves putting any change we give her into her bank. Uncle Aaron would fill up his bank and would empty it yearly and cash it in at the bank....He is now passing that down to Hailey. What a nice tradition to start with his neice.

As you can see, she takes doing certain things very seriously. The concentration is very intense.
Enjoy the pictures and Thanks for being in our lives

Sesame Street Live 2/8/09

On Feb 8,2009 We went to Sesame Street Live Elmo's Green Thumb. Elmo Has a new friend "Sunny" the sunflower. Elmo and His friends are trying to find he perfect spot to plant Sunny in Big Bird's garden. Abby Cadabby and friends want to know when Sunny will grow big and how long it will take. She tries to make it happen faster and instead of making Sunny big..she makes Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Rosita, Grover, the count and herself small. They get to meet different things/bugs in the garden and they find the perfect spot for Sunny cause they see the garden from a different perspective.

Hailey had a great time. She enjoyed it a lot more this year and was definitely into it a lot more this year then last year. She kept wondering where the characters went when they would leave the stage. If Cookie monster left we heard Cookie?? from Hailey. It was very warm in the arena where the show was. As the show went on the curlier her hair got!

Here are some pictures...Enjoy

The stage before the show started
Hailey and Daddy.....Glenne said that he is smiling there...........
The big "CHEESE" smile before the show

Hailey and Mommy

The Beatles...."we're moving trash"...the songs are pretty catchy and sound pretty up to date
Looking for a good garden spot
Looking very serious watching the show

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturdays at Gymboree with Daddy

Since I work on saturdays sometimes Hailey and Daddy will go to gymboree and then to Cheese. I had a saturday off recently and got to go with them. Here are some pictures that were taken.

Hip Hip Horray
Sleep gymbo sleep

Parachutte time

Catching the bubbles

Play time!

Some random pics of playing......

Hailey and Daddy at Cheese ( think she got a little scared from The Cheese when he started singing)
Hailey and Mommy
Driving in cheese's car

Driving Bob's bull dozer

playing whack a mole

Feeding the ducks

Here are some pictures from feeding the ducks and looking at the planes. Hailey loves to run around the field and loves to talk ..well, the ducks.

yelling at the planes

Some new baby ducks

The ducks and the nutria

Just some Random cuteness!

Here are some random pictures of Hailey. Things have been busy. Max and Hailey are getting along rather well. Max is pretty much potty trained/house broken. We are working on fetch now. Hailey thinks he is a pillow sometimes. She is still LOVING school and even got an award in January for recognizing and verbalizing the color blue. Her teachers just love her too.

Playing with some play doh

She loves her play doh

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