Thursday, May 1, 2008

baby ducks

Hailey loves ducks and loves for us to take her to go feed the ducks. The small airport by us has a lake and you can fish and there are lots of ducks there. Yesterday we went there and there was some baby ducks there. Here are some pics of the baby ducks. Hailey was fascinated by were her mommy and daddy.

Baby duck ( this one was yellow and brown)

Another one (this one was all yellow)

Here is the Mamma with her babies

Hailey's newest toy!

Here is Hailey's newest toy. She loves it and she loves being outside too. She likes to pull the grass out and see what kind of reaction she will get from us when she tries to eat it. I am also putting in a few pics of her just cause they are cute from her playing in the yard.

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