Monday, September 14, 2009

Just some random thoughts.

We ...well-I....have really been working on the potty training with Hailey. At school they ask all the kids at certain times and if one of the kids asks to go when its not that time then they take that one. Hailey gets way to into her playing and just will not stop to go. When I am home with her I have been making it a habit of every hour 15 min or so (unless I know she is drinking a lot of liquids) to just take her to the potty. Almost every time she goes too. On Sunday we were home all day, except for when Glenne and Hailey ran out in the morning. She came home with a wet pull up. I put her on the potty, she went....then we put big girl undies on. She had one accident that day in her big girl undies..the rest of the time either she told me or I took her to the potty. We still have issues with going poopy on the potty, but I know she will get there eventually. Hailey is better when she can get things on her own. I cannot wait for the day when I do not have to buy pullups or diapers anymore!!!!

Hailey is really becoming her own little person more and more. She wants to make her own decisions, decide what she wears,etc. She cracks me up sometimes with the things she comes up with. Hailey is really loving school this year. I walk her in and she does not even glance back at me. Today she walked in and gave the teacher her lunch bag. Last fri I found a nice mat cover with attached blanket and pillow for her to take to school. Since she has that now she does not need the big backpack anymore. She just got a little backpack for vacation with tinkerbell on it. She now uses the tinkerbell backpack and a pink lunchback. She told her teachers they were new and a new cover too. When you ask her about her classmates and their names and she tells you the names Trent and Skyler. They were both in her class last year....I am thinking that is why she knows their names. She knows both her teachers names too. I hope that she continues this love for school for years to come.

Family Pictures

The day after we got back from vacation we went and got family pictures done. Here are a few.

Hailey making a "silly" face for the camera

She looks so grown up in this picture

I love this family picture....looks natural and playful

What we came home to.....

While Hailey and I were in philly visiting everyone....Glenne had the house to himself. He had tickets to the Astros/Phillies game on sunday that weekend. I figured he would just hang out the rest of the weekend. I know better then to give him a list...cause then it does not get done. I told him that it would be nice if the carpets got cleaned, and of course he knows to make sure there are no dirty dishes when I get back. We had gotten Hailey a Thomas train set in July off of craigslist. It is a big set so we have just been trying to figure out where to put it. Below are a few pictures of what we came home to.

Here is her pricess picture and her mirror hung up. For a while we did not have it hung up cause her changing table was there and did not want her pulling on the picture. She loves the mirror there. We have been leaving the door open and all weekend she has been going in and looking at herself.
Checking herself out.....

Playing with the Thomas train.....on the cleaned rugs!

It is a big set....a lot of fun to play with too. Glenne said he was up till 3am mon night playing with it after he put it together.

A few more from Labor day weekend

I think most of these were from other cell phones so the quality is not that good...but there are some good ones...and ones I had to post.

I don't know what is with the look on my face in this picture.
The girls from Casimir st....all grown up. We are missing a few people (Jackie,Nancy, Danielle). We all grew up on the same street and all still keep in touch! A few of us are out of state now but thanks to the internet we are still in touch.(jenn,beth,me,chrissie)
Baby James with an adorable smile....
Hailey and her new friend (and I think her favorite cousin) Emily.
Uncle Larry and Baby James
Joan, John and Pop Pop at the Christening party
Cheryl and her husband Stanley and Chrissie and her husband Phil ...they grew up on Casimir st with my family. (stanley,cheryl,phil, chrissie)
This is a great picture of Jenn and I.

That is all I got for this post.......I do have to add that this visit to Philly was nice cause I got to see some old friends that I grew up with that I have not seen in a long time. It was so nice to catch up and see everyone.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Philly trip labor day weekend..sept 2009

Hailey and I went to Philly labor day weekend. Glenne could not get the time off of work since he just got back from his summer break and has a lot going on already at work. The main reason for the visit was because my new Godson James was being christened. Of course we had to work in some family and playing with all her cousins in Philly. Hailey warmed up to everyone quickly and was not shy at all. She LOVED playing with all her cousins and family. I did not take pictures during the party after the christening, but I did snag some from other's that were there and will put those in a different post. We came in friday 9/4 just before lunch time. Hailey did well on the plane ride there. I had a portable dvd player for her, crayons and coloring book to keep her occupied. We had to leave for the airport about 5am so Hailey was up very early...and did not sleep on the plane. I sure could have used a nap...she was not going for it!!! Grandmom and Grandpop picked us up from the airport.

When we got back to their house Jackie, Kurt and Kyle were waiting for us. Jenn,Kayla, Taylor and James were also waiting for us (well, just had gotten there before us). We visited with them, had some lunch....then it was MANDATORY nap time. Kayla and Hailey both went down for naps. (Hailey much better then Kayla...sorry Jenn!) Jackie and gang had to leave so when I came down from putting Hailey down they were gone. Hailey enjoyed playing with Uncle Kurt....he really got into playing tea party with Hailey and Kayla. I did not get any pictures. I think Grandpop may have some and will have to snag those. After nap time Joan came over with John Jr,Emily and Patrick. Hailey was loving having all her cousins around and just went off playing. You would have thought it was an usual occurence for her to be playing with all of them. Emily slept overnight at grandmom and grandpop's that night as well as Kayla and Baby James. Hailey and Emily got along great. Hailey is still talking about her friend "Em". The next morning the girls had a blast playing tea party just them and no boys.

The Girls having a tea party...Hailey found a dress up costume and of course had to put it on.
My sweet Godson.....Baby James (named after my dad...God rest his soul!)
Hailey and Em
This was sat morning after Joan and the boys came back. John was holding James and they were just hanging out in Grandpop's chair.
The ham..Patrick...saw the camera and had to get in the picture. He is such a cutie!!
Patrick....the Ham!
trying to get kayla to look at the camera...she is her mother's daughter!

Later that day, Hailey and I headed up to hang out with the Levy's. It was just Hailey, myself, Poppy G, Mom Mom Terry, Uncle Andrew and his girlfriend Jamie. Hailey warmed up to them all right away. She was telling Poppy G right away that she was going in his pool too. It was a fun day. Hailey loved playing with all of her family. It was nice for me to see her interacting with family she does not see on a regular basis like she sees them everyday. I also liked that I could sit back and relax a bit and not have to be right there all the time.
Mom Mom Terry and Hailey in the pool

Poppy G and Hailey.....
Mom Mom Terry, Poppy G, Hailey and Uncle Drew Guy (Andrew)
Hailey and Uncle Drew Guy

I do not know what they were talking about...but it seemed like it was a good conversation
At one point after about 4 hrs of swimming I had to get Hailey out and relax. She did nap. Poppy G and Mom Mom Terry were unsure that we would not hear her since the house and yard is so big and we had no monitor. She sleeps for an hour and a half...and she did. Poppy G worked it where he put a cell phone on speaker in the room so we could hear her though. She woke and and we had dinner with everyone. After dinner Pop Pop came and picked us up.
On sunday 9/6 we had Baby James' christening. I do have to say it was the quickest Christening I have ever been to.
The banner they had hanging on the Podium.
The preacher ( I think that was his title) James' Godfather Erik and Me

Baby James was not happy when he got taken out of my arms for this part of the ceromony
On Labor day we all went to the Levy house for a barbeque. Everone was there....It was a good day..the sun was not out like it was when Hailey and I were there on saturday, but the hot tub was good and lots ventured into the cool 83 deg pool.
Taylor and Kayla in the swing........
Jenn, Kayla, Hailey and Taylor in the hot tub
Baby James....what a happy baby he is. He is just happy when you talk to him, he does not need to be held. Make sure he is clean,fed and not sleepy and he is just fine. If he gets some attention where you talk to get the best smile!!
Hailey with her Great Grandmom Mealie.
Hailey and Mom Mom Terry. Hailey saw someone coming in with ice cream cake and told Mom Mom Terry she NEEDED SOME NOW. I said she could wait...and of course, when there is more then one grandparent around ( this day she had Mom Mom Terry, Poppy G, Grandmom, Pop Pop, Great Grandmom Aunts and uncles.) whatever Mom says gets ruled out. Here she is dipping a chip into her ice cream cake. Poppy G stopped what he was doing and cut the cake for Hailey!
Hanging with Uncle Drew Guy
Playing in the pool with her cousin Carlene (2nd I think since she is Glenne's cousin) in the pool
Party time at the Levy House......always a good time. this was one of a few tables of good times...conversation, food, family
Mom Mom Terry with Hailey and KaylaAfter we were able to get the kids out of the pool.....They started to play with the balls on the lawn. Hailey and Kayla trying to roll on the big ball
Hailey was in Tom's arms with Kayla and he was running back and forth. The girls were cracking up and just kept saying again again....and Tom Kept doing it. ( Tom is Jenn's boyfriend and the father to Kayla and Baby James. I do not know if I explained that before).

I will get the other pictures and post them...till then....enjoy!

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