Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going to School

Starting in September Hailey is going to be going to Mothers day out 2 days a week from 9 to 230pm tues and thrus. Since she is under 2yrs old for this school year she will go just 2 days a week and then next year she can go more then 2 days a week. We really think Hailey will enjoy the socialization and spending time with other kids in a school setting. We feel that she will really grow more too. She is a very smart baby and I think that school will really bring that out even more. She can say things now, but we do not necessarily know what she is saying, I think once she gets around others in that setting she will be talking a lot more and being more clear too. I think the parents (and grandparents) will have more trouble with this adjustment then Hailey will. Glenne and I have both visited this school and it is a christian school and the class size is very small. They even rub the kids backs at nap time. The kids get their own story hour at the library across the street too. We think Hailey will thrive even more in this setting! We go for her first open house on aug 28th.

Hailey and Glenne are having a great time this summer. They have been going to the pool a lot....as long as the weather is holding out! Hailey is becoming very independent and still seems to think she can do all that we do....the girl has NO FEAR!! She is such an independent little girl!! She loves to color and just wants to do everything by herself. She is getting better at eating some things by herself but she is not there yet for working the spoon without spilling everywhere!!!! She thinks she rules the world!!! I really think that Hailey and Daddy both are going to really MISS each other come end of aug/sept when Daddy goes back to work.

That is all for now.....I think....till later.....be safe, cool, and dry!

More from Crystal beach

Sign going to the beach...."immediately report all sea turtles on the beach"

Here are a few more pictures from the beach. Enjoy!!!

We had a water camera that Hailey found and was playing with.....(maybe a future photographer??)

Swinging and playing with the camera......telling daddy "cheese"
Daddy and Hailey in the ocean

On the ferry .....this was on the way home......you can see dolphins jumping in and out of the water as you are going across from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula where Crystal Beach is. Hailey on Daddy's shoulders on the ferry..we were told that babies could not be on shoulders on the ferry so she was taken off after this picture
The beach....could be jersey...couldn't it!?!?

The beach baby again....
Swinging on the swing
The two dogs next door....the brown lab thought the white dog was a chew toy! LOL
View of the House

Trip to Crystal Beach

We went to Crystal Beach, Tx July 29 - 31st for my birthday. Since the beach on Mexico was so rocky we decided to check out the texas beach. It reminded us a lot Strathmere where it was a small town and not over crowded or full of hotels. We rented a small "cottage" less then 50ft from the beach, we had a small deck with a swing and we could see the beach and ocean from there. When we got there the tv in the room was not working so the owner was working on that (never did get fixed...damn dish! hehe) we went down to the beach and Hailey right away walked into the water sat down and started playing in the sand and water. I have to add that she was still in her regular diaper and clothes....NO SWIMSUIT YET! As she was playing and Glenne and I were shaking our heads a family (mom,dad,kids and grandparents) walked by and said "now that long ride was completely worth seeing her do that!" She threw a fit when we said we had to go back to the room, but changed her tune as soon as we told her we were going back to the "pool" as she called the ocean. We changed and went back to the beach. You can drive onto the beach so we drove onto the beach and set up our spot. I attempted to build some castles with Hailey but she was more interested in knocking them down. There is a reason why we call her Godzilla! hehehe Hailey loved the beach, she even would walk in and out of the water by herself. Every time Daddy would go in to get wet she would scream to him to take her in with him. She loved being in your arms jumping the waves! We spent the whole time looking for shells and digging/building in the sand and playing in the water. After naps and in the morning Hailey would wake up and point to the door and say "pool". We will be going to the beach as often as weather and jobs permit!!

Hailey and Daddy walking to the beach
Trying to build sand castles before Godzilla knocks them down
Beach bum Hailey
Playing in the water
Our "cottage"...we were on the bottom floor

First time to the Circus

On July 27th we took Hailey to the circus for the first time. She sat thru the whole first half, intermission and 15 mins of the 2nd half. She really enjoyed seeing the animals and kept making tiger and elephant noises every time that she saw them. She loved all the colors and her attention span thru the whole thing was really good.

Here are a few pictures

Belo on the screen and the ring master

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