Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A second Santa visit...Christmas Week.

I got wind of Santa visiting a Chick fil a so I put in a word with the Big guy that we would be coming by. We went there and He saw Hailey and when he saw her said "Hi Hailey!" She was thrilled. She played shy but was dying to go see him. After about a min she ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug. (I just realized that I did not get those ones off of my phone..I will post on a different post). She told him what she wanted for christmas and then got a balloon christmas tree. She even got to write a letter to him and give to him that night with what she wanted for christmas.

Here is the original picture we got that night. I was playing around and scanned a color and a black and white picture. Below you can look at both. I was so glad that I got "wind" of this Santa visit.

Christmas day 2009!

Christmas 2009.....it was one of the best yet! Hailey was so into it all this year. It was really a great christmas for us all! Hailey went to bed on Christmas eve for the first time without any singing, talking, or playing. She told me before leaving her room that she was going to sleep right away cause Santa won't come if she was not sleeping. NOT A PEEP FROM HER!!! On Christmas morning she woke up and when we went in to get her right away she said....Santa was here!!! When she came out into the living room she was so excited. We did get video of it....that is another long thing I have to figure out to get it onto the web. Till I get that technologically sound with the video camera....here are some pictures

Here is what Santa left...minus one big box........note the cookies and carrot almost gone on the plate.

TTinkerbell Box she got....(a wing was already broken in the same day.....it has been fixed though)
opening presents
big wheel from aunt jenn and gang next to her...opening up her helmet to ride with
I think this is TTTHHHEEE best christmas morning pic we got.
More presents....her princess castle
Her princess microphone....
Mommy opening up the gift she made for Mommy and Daddy at school. It was a beautiful glass ornament with snowmen painted on it with her name on it and the year
Hailey showing Daddy the calendar that he got for work all of her..and maybe some of mommy and daddy
Santa got Hailey a Playhouse for Christmas! Hailey and Daddy put it together on christmas morning and it is now in our living room....
She LOVES her new playhouse....and we have to go in and play with her. If it was out in the yard as intended...she would never play with it....so now after the tree is down, we will readjust where in the house it will go.
Love this picture...she is such a cutie, beauty.......how did I get so lucky to have her!!
After opening our presents at home we went to Meme and Grandad's house to see what Santa left there.
Hailey opening up her stocking at Meme and Grandad's house.
Hailey giving Stan his present of a stocking full of toys...and he is wearing his new Jacket that we got him also.

Leaving food out for the Reindeer

Hailey made food for the reindeer and also Santa send her a bag of food to leave out on the front lawn on Christmas Eve so the reindeer knew what house to come to. That night after I got done working we went to dinner with Meme, Grandad and Uncle Aaron. We all had a great meal and when we got home Haiely reminded us that we had to get the cookies and milk ready for santa nad we also reminded her(since this was the first year doing this) that we had to put the food out for the reindeer..and rudolph. Hailey also said that we needed to put out a pickle and carrot too. Rudolph must have like the carrot cause he ate all of that and left bits of the carrot.

just a few pic of her and daddy putting out the reindeer food.

Reindeer hat

Hailey made this reindeer hat in school and came home and I had to take a picture of her wearing it. She actually told me take her picture.

This one is the 2nd picture I took...she was not happy that I took a second one
This is the first one...I was trying to get a better smile in the 2nd.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Here are a few pictures of the tree decorating. Hailey enjoyed it but did not quite grasp the concept of spacing the ornaments around the tree. I had to go back and move some but she enjoyed helping decorating the tree and that is what it is all about. We had some gold christmas balls from last year that we did not find that are the non breakable kind. We used the red glass balls we had used before Hailey joined our family. I feel like I am missing some other ornaments but we found some boxes of christmas stuff from our old apartment that we have not used since moving into our home. **my goal for 2010 is to go through the garage and find some lost treasures...and get rid of our junk that will hopefull sell in a garage sale and be a treasure for someone else**

Not sure what she is doing here...but its a full view of the tree
putting on an ornament.....she refused to look at the camera(its something she does often lately)
putting on an ornament.....after us guiding her on the spacing concept
putting on a candy cane

Lining up the ponies

One morning while Hailey was already for school and I was getting myself ready Hailey (unusally quiet) was playing. I did not take notice to what she was doing when I came out of the bedroom since we running late..so I just told her ...lets go we have to leave for school. Later on in the day(I was working from home that day) I walked by to go to the bathroom and saw this. I just cracked up that she lined the ponies up like this.

Making cookies with Daddy

One sunday we were home watching football and Hailey and Daddy made cookies. One of my favorite...Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip. Hailey LOVES to help cook and bake in the kitchen. On this particular day Glenne told her they were going to make cookies and she said that she had to get her chef hat and apron on. She is growing up so fast. I took some pictures for you all to see.

Very intensely mixing the cookie batter

This picture gives you more of the full view of the outfit.
ooohhh...oh so yummy
She is very good at mixing
not quite sure what she was doing here
putting the cookies on the cookie sheet. she has a tendency to put the all in the same spot so we have to go back and readjust them

Daddy guiding her to put them on the sheet in a line

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok,I have to let you all know. Hailey got an Eagles hat for her birth day from Aunt Anne and her cousins for her birthday. Hailey loves this hat...so much we have had to hide it. She wants to wear it everywhere. We convinced her that she did not have to wear it to see HO HO .. but...she HAD to show it to him. We too the picture that we paid for without the hat...then took some with the hat. Santa took a jab at Daddy about the Eagles fans....we are in texas.

Visiting Santa...aka...HO HO

We went to see HO HO the sunday after thanksgiving....if we all were not stuck in the house sick..aka..Hailey was sick, we would have waited to see the big man. After that many days of sickness and in the house....we ALL had to get out of the house. We got to the mall and surprisingly Santa got there an hour after the rest of the mall opened during christmas time. I know..we thought it was odd too...and so did about every other family we passed waiting for the big man.

We got in line about 30 min before hand. These pics are not quite in order....sorry.

Newfound friends
Elf ears....daddy "found" these before HoHO got there
Hailey laying on the bench waiting for HoHo..aka...Santa.....yes, this was a close up..but how could i resist!!!

still waiting......
the Levy girls

Hailey's 3 yr check up

Hailey had her 3 yr check up today. It was a few weeks late.

She did good, except for her unusual quietness. For some reason my child was acting shy...very unlike her!! She had no problem looking cute though.

She is 30.4 lbs and 37 1/2 inches. She is average for her age. The dr did not seem too concerned about it saying she is doing good.

As far as answering the developmental questions...we were able to answer yes to them all. The only thing...she did not talk while we were there. All in all...the dr said...keep doing what you are doing.....keep up the good work.

Friday, December 4, 2009


NO....you are not reading that title wrong. Today Dec 4th, 2009 Houston TX had snow..and not just an hour of snow...but almost all day of snow coming out of the sky. We did not get above 40 degrees today and tonight it will it a low of 24..or maybe 27 degrees!!!! This is not even close to the winter weather we are used to. The lows we get ...maybe a few days...are high 30's...and that was the temp most of the day today. South of Houston got more snow then we did but the freezing temps were everywhere around Houston. I tried to get some pics of the snow but in our area we did not see much lasting on the ground. I should have had Glenne take more pic with his phone cause he saw a lot more on the side of town where his office is located.

Hailey all bundled up after school. (Aunt Jenn said she looked like she was dressed like she should have been in Philly...but on this particular day....Philly was about 30 degrees warmer then us).
Glenne's view of the snow from his office window
Snow outside our front door. I think the "little flake big snow, big flakes little snow" theory I grew up on....does nothing for when you are down south.
you can see some snow flakes!!!!
Our backyard....can you see the snow on the climber and the grass?
About an hour after these pics were taken it started to rain...maybe sleet, we were in the house..just heard it coming down. The snow was gone after though..the temperatures...stilll FREEZING!!!!

Hailey enjoyed the snow. She even put her tounge out to catch snowflakes without me even telling her to do that. I am amazed that she did that....Glenne says..yeah, that is normal. Who knows...she is awesome and loved the snow. Grant it...it was just a little. She DID NOT like getting into the cold carseat though and definitely told me about it. I told her. If we lived in Philly...she would have this temperature for MONTHS instead of a few days.

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