Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens

This past saturday we went to Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. Its all about the holidays and lots and lots and lots of lights. They had Santa pictures too. It was a really nice time. We dressed Hailey in her Holiday outfit. A cold front had come in so it was rather cold for us. I got out mine and Hailey's winter coats, made sure Hailey had a had and mittens, and I had gloves. Glenne for some reason did think the weather reports were right and wore shorts, sandals and a windbreaker jacket. He regreted that decision.

Hailey with Santa. We had 2 other options, but the big hug was the best of the bunch.
Our Christmas card picture...for some reason it seems blurry int he print outs. sorry :(
In front of the tree of Pointsettia's
The Nutcracker area....Hailey was really excited since the 2 of us are going on 12/11 to see the Houston Ballet Nutcracker.
Hailey doing BALLET by the ballerina
Hailey and Daddy by the Ballerina
Hailey and the Nutcracker Character
The Nativity Scene...they did the whole story in lights every five minutes

Lights by the ice rink.....Hailey was so excited to see the ice skaters and wanted to skate. I have only done it once for 2 min....and Daddy was just not ready to get out on the ice with himself and his child...not enough confidence. I am just scared to get out there.

Humming Bird......Hailey's favorite
Fisherman....the fish was not lighting up though :(
Archangels with trumpets
Pirate...you know Hailey loved this one
Pirate Ship...If I zoomed out any more you would not have seen Hailey! :)

Polar Express
Cinderella and her carriage at the CastleThe Prince trying on the Glass slipper

Santa and his reindeer...including Rudolph and his shiny red nose!
Texas boot with the Yellow Roses of Texas....could not get a good pic of this or else it would have been our Christmas Card.
Hailey and the "Seal" as she called it. Not sure if tha was what it was...but she had to take her pic with it.

Wow....some really great lights. In person it is pretty awesome!! Hailey at one point just kept yelling LOOK....LOOK....LOOK....LOOOK...LOOK..LOOK!! You get the picture ... lol

Enjoy....we did.

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