Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I know I have bombarded you guys with you a lot of posts. I apologize. I have slacked. Its been busy ...and lots of fun. Seems like Hailey has a lot of fun stuff coming up in school this month. This week is Santa's bake shop thur/fri. They will be baking treats for their family and friends. (each kid brought in somthing to make the bake shop happpen) Next week thur/fri is pajama day. The following week after that is the last week of 2010 and they will be practicing for the christmas show on fri 12/17. We (us parents) cannot wait!! Her first chritmas show!! She was sent home with a sheet of songs she needs to know(and they will practice in school) . Luckily....most of the songs she knows already. When we go to the show....will post pics and hopefully video

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